Why is ‘Nike Tech kid dead’ trending?… – The US Sun

THE Nike Tech kid is trending online – but for something which isn't true.
Here's everything we know about why he's making the news.
The young lad, known as the Nike Tech kid, became a hit on social media after he was turned into a meme.
He ended up going viral when people began joking he was in all Nike's adverts.
However, he started trending again in December 2022 – but for extremely upsetting reasons.
Rumors online suggested the boy had died, with an incorrect report claiming that he had "sadly passed away".
In completely false reports, an alleged news outlet said the cause of death was suicide.
The Nike Tech kid rumor is one in a long line of false reports of celebrity deaths.
Fake reports that singers Eminem, and Cher, as well as Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger were dead all started trending online in December 2022.
Other victims of the cruel hoax have included Al Roker, who was hospitalized in November 2022, actor Chris Tucker, and rapper 50 Cent.
Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon also fell foul of false rumors although this time it was a case of mistaken identity.
In October 2022 a man was found guilty of murdering another Kevin Bacon, 25, who had no connection to the Footloose star, who is alive and well.
In a video posted to TikTok, a user shared the claims.
The video description read: “At 20:34 the infamous 'Nike Tech kid' sadly passed away because of suicide.
"Investigators concluded that this was because the parents has had a violent divorce which corresponded to the situation.”
However, the headline or journalist allegedly responsible for publishing the story does not appear through search.
The highly unreliable video has left a lot of people believing the rumors that are circulating, with TikTokers commenting "RIP" and "gone too soon".
However other commenters have tried to correct the rumors posting the Nike Tech kid is not dead but alive and well.
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