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DOUBLOONS has been trending on TikTok and we're about to explore why.
The word dates back to the 17th century – but what does it mean in the 21st?
Doubloons is a cyber currency.
The rate for the doubloon token today (November 22, 2022) is $0.03968 USD, according to coinmarketcap.com.
 Its stock symbol or ticker is DBL.
But doubloons is not a new currency.
The first known use of the word was in 1622 – but obviously it wasn't cryptocurrency back then.
In fact the doubloon was an old Spanish gold coin.
The coinage was made famous in the Pirates Of The Caribbean film franchise.
Doubloons has been trending on TikTok in late 2022.
 A cat with its paws sticking up on your TikTok‘s For You page indicates the doubloons trend.
You can receive a share of doubloons by following the instructions of the cat in videos.
The digital currency can be collected and saved in a virtual bank.
It can then be used to but products, such as blankets, soup, and salad.
But many TikTokers are reporting that inflation on doubloons is out of control.
It's not quite clear if TikTokers are referring to the crypto or an imaginary currency used in gaming.
Kennedy McDowell said doubloon's inflation is "insane".
The TikToker said: "Two days ago or so I could get like soup or a coat, things like that for like 2 or 4 doubloons, right?
"Today, I've got a thousand doubloons. Then I scroll to the next video and I get robbed.
"So I lose all of my doubloons that, I, y'know, kept for the past few days."
Sapphic Snail said: "The Doubloons market is insane. In the past two days, I have had the doubloons.
"Cat charged me two doubloons for a bowl of soup…
"[now] its four doubloons for a bowl of soup."
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