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Two Point Campus might seem wacky and silly at first glance but things can get out of hand pretty fast if you are not careful. In this Two Point Campus beginner’s guide, we are going to go over some tips and tricks that will help you get started.
The following are some of the Two Point Campus tips and tricks that will help you get started:
At the start of the game, you will find the lecture theatre in the middle of your campus. This room is used pretty often and if you find this to be oddly positioned then you can move it around. Just like how we have moved it to the side in the image below.
On the top of the screen next to the money you have, there is a blue bar that shows the room’s prestige. The more items, equipment, and decorations you have in a room and higher the prestige. Higher room prestige will increase the prestige of your campus and will also increase student happiness.
Larger rooms will have more prestige. Having bigger rooms can also be functionally useful. A bigger lab for example will accommodate more students. The same goes for bathrooms. If your bathrooms are too small then students can line up outside the stalls and might miss classes. In the case of the Dormitory, the higher the prestige of the room, the more rent students will pay.
You should keep an eye on the needs of your students in order to keep them happy. Facilities such as the Dormitory and the Bathroom are the basic requirements but you can take things to the next level. Happy students perform better in classes and earn more XP.
Early on, you will not have access to showers. Fortunately, you can make use of hand sanitizers to improve the hygiene of staff and students.
You can place vending machines with food and drinks in order to reduce the hunger and thirst of staff members and students. These can be placed in corridors and special rooms. This approach will give you some wiggle room until you get to making a cafeteria and staff room. Be sure to have some waste bins around in order to avoid littering.
Once you have additional plots, you will need to expand your campus. When this happens you can quickly duplicate existing facilities such as bathrooms and dorms. If you put in the time to make the rooms nice the first time around then you should not worry about duplicating them. This will allow you to spend time on more important tasks.
When deciding who to hire to become a member of your campus staff, look into the skills that different applicants have. Teachers should know about the courses that they teach. Additional attributes can help you decide as well. You do not want a lab instructor that goes to the bathroom too much.
Students will have different needs and you should keep an eye on them to keep them happy. Learning about different students can go a long way. For example, helping a student achieve a personal goal will increase student happiness. Which increases grades and XP.
At the start of the year, the game will recommend hiring more people. We recommend training the people that you already have in order to save some money. You need to train your staff during the term since this option is not available once the year is over.
Kudosh is a rare resource that is used to unlock different items in the game. You should not use all of this at once as you might need it down the line. You can earn more as you progress the game but you do not get a lot of it. To learn more, check out our guide on how you can earn Kudosh.
These are some of the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Two Point Campus.


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