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Top Trending Videos Of The Week
Several trending videos emerge during the week that had entertained the netizens throughout the week. One of the trending video witnessed Indian army soldiers dancing to one of his songs, Bambiha Bole, surfaced online. The song is special since it was being played by soldiers over the border. The video appears to have been taken at a border outpost.
Sidhu’s songs playing across the border! bridging the divide!
It was a disturbing sight to see a woman sleeping on a cot with a snake scaling her back. The snake was allegedly sitting on top of the woman as she remained immobile and apparently pleaded for help, according to the viral footage that Indian Forest Service (IFS) employee Susanta Nanda shared. Since it was shared, the viral video has surprised the internet. It has received more than 34,000 views and nearly 1,000 likes.
When this happens, what would be your reaction??

For information, the snake moved away after few minutes without out causing any harm…
(As received from a colleague)
Within a short period of time, another trending video of young women dancing to Kala Chashma became popular. The video, which is sure to make you smile, has gone viral on the internet. Over 4.8 million people have watched the trending video since it was shared on August 12. It has also received a tonne of comments and more than 5.4 lakh likes.
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Despite numerous warnings and safety procedures from the Indian Railways, people ignore the laws at a railway crossing without hesitation, which could lead to horrific catastrophes. Similar to the viral video that went viral on August 26, this incident involved a man who was captured on camera fighting to get his bike off a railway track in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh. Notably, he made an effort to extricate his bike off the track after it got stuck. But because the Jharkhand Swarna Jayanti Express is approaching, he chooses to leave it there. He runs away from the scene before the train crushes his bike to pieces. Thankfully, he was able to escape without getting wounded.
While coming towards the end of the week another video come up which witnessed a six-foot snake. It was seen inside a moving state transportation bus in Karnataka in a trending video that went viral and garnered a lot of attention. The incident apparently took place in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka close to Sidlaghatta. Before being subsequently saved by a local snake catcher, the cobra terrified the bus passengers.

The event occurred on Saturday at around 3:00 pm when a passenger alerted the bus conductor to a snake under his seat. The conductor and the driver immediately stopped the bus and asked the passengers to get off quietly.
Cobra in KSRTC Bus
Passengers who boarded the bus noticed a 6 feet Cobra.
Snake catcher Prithviraj rescued and left free near a forest in Chikballapur.@Cloudnirad @ramupatil_TNIE @NewIndianXpress @XpressBengaluru @KannadaPrabha

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