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Start your time at Night Raven College off right with these tips, giving you more time to get to know the lads of Disney Twisted Wonderland!
Disney's Twisted-Wonderland, the mobile otome game that's been making waves in Japan for a few years, now has an English release. Imagine if Hogwarts was founded by classic Disney villains and entirely populated with self-centered, pretty anime boys – that's what this game is. If like many English-speaking gamers, you're just starting your journey at Night Raven College, we've got some pointers for you.
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Most of the gameplay centers around leveling up your fellow students to make them more effective in magical combat. There is also a rhythm minigame with some delightful original music. We've got tips for both, so read on!
When you first launch Twisted Wonderland, you'll be prompted to select one of the Great Seven – the classic Disney villains who embody the virtues of Night Raven College. This choice doesn't actually matter, and only serves to steer you towards students you might be particularly interested in.
It's still worth reading the descriptions of each villain and their house, but once you get to the point where you can select a student to befriend you can navigate freely regardless of your previous decisions.
Pick the student that you like the most – you'll get them in your starting party for free once you've used the Dark Mirror for the first time. Even if you change your mind later you can always buy a common version of a character you want using Thaumarks, the game's free currency.
If you've played phone RPGs before (or, for that matter, any Pokemon game) you're likely familiar with the circle of elemental weaknesses; Fire (red) beats Grass (green), which in turn beats Water (blue), which beats Fire. This is also true in Twisted Wonderland, so defeating enemies is easiest if you have access to spells that exploit their weakness.
Most Japanese phone RPGs also have a Light/Dark duality – Light enemies are weak against Dark damage and vice versa. Twisted Wonderland doesn't have this; instead, non-elemental or 'Cosmic' damage doesn't have any weaknesses or resistances.
While it's always better to take advantage of elemental weaknesses where you can, Cosmic spells deal plenty of damage on their own without risking running into a bad matchup. If your enemy has access to multiple elements, casting Cosmic spells ensures you won't have to suffer through a bad round.
Characters who get along provide each other a Buddy Bonus when deployed together in battle. If your two characters selected for a round of combat have a Buddy Bonus, one or both will receive a stat boost. The boost itself depends on the individual characters and their shared Buddy Level. Know which of your team members can boost one another and try to deploy them together whenever you can.
Characters can increase their Buddy Level by taking Alchemy Class together, but the students available for Alchemy changes every real-world day. Be sure to check if any of your teammates can take Alchemy each day when you log in – if they can, consider spending some time boosting their affinity with their allies.
Each student that can join you on your journey has multiple outfit options, and each outfit is considered its own entity. For example, leveling up Ace in his school uniform won't affect his stats while wearing his PE uniform and vice versa. You can deploy multiple versions of the same character in battle, but this isn't ideal.
Characters can't gain the Buddy Bonus from themselves, so you're losing opportunities for buffs if you have two different outfits from the same character on your team. Additionally, only one version of a character can attend a Lesson at a time. This makes it much more efficient to pick a core team of five different characters, each in the outfit of your choice, and have them study and fight together.
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For the first few days you're playing Twisted Wonderland, you can gain a significant head start by ignoring the other Lessons and focusing solely on History of Magic. Not only will this slowly level up your core team, but it will also give you plenty of Blooming Honey.
Back at the Ramshackle Dorm, you can use Blooming Honey to directly grant experience to the outfits of your choice. You can either use this to further level your current team or save it for when you pull the SSR you've been waiting for and get it up to speed immediately.
Having Blooming Honey in reserve also allows you to easily make changes to your lineup without having to grind. If you need a particular element for a fight, it will be much easier to swap in outfits that have that element if you can get them caught up to your main party without having to spend more time in class.
Shortly after you visit Heartslabyul House for the first time, you'll be introduced to the Purple Notes in Twistune challenges. These require you to tap directly on the target when the rings match up. It's far easier to pay attention to the clock inside the target itself.
Tap at the moment the clock runs out to get a Perfect rating every time. This is much more reliable than watching the rings since you can keep your vision focused on a single spot instead of trying to track a shrinking circle.
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