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You love geeky gadgets. Yes, from the Star Wars LEGO helmets on your mantelpiece to the Spiderman-emblazoned computer chair in your office, you have a pretty comprehensive collection. And that’s why you won’t want to miss our ultimate geek gadgets buyer’s guide.
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A desk gadget like the 8BitDo N30 Wireless Charger for Mobile brings 80s gaming nostalgia to your workspace. It works with most phones and has a small footprint.
And for extreme geek style, you simply must add the Modern innovations Levitating UFO speaker to your living room. The LED light hovers above the base, while the Bluetooth speaker plays your favorite tunes.
Bring more geek flair into your life with the items in our ultimate geek gadgets buyer’s guide.
Take your gaming setup to the next level with the LG OLED FLEX LX3 bendable 42″ TV. The adjustable curvature is excellent for PC, console, and cloud gaming in addition to TV and streaming. What’s more, it boasts 100% color fidelity certification.
Make your wireless charging a little geekier with the 8BitDo N30 Wireless Charger for Mobile. It works with most smartphones, including Samsung, iPhone, Google Pixel, and others. Plus, it has safety features like over-current and over-voltage protection.
Read your latest sci-fi novel in light of the Modern Innovations Levitating UFO Speaker. The LED light actually hovers above the base. What’s more, it delivers audio from the Bluetooth speaker. Just connect to it with your device and enjoy the 10-meter range. It’s a pretty cool gadget on our geek gadgets buyer’s guide.

Enhance your iPhone gaming with the Backbone One for iPhone PlayStation Edition. Its look is inspired by the PS DualSese wireless controller. Even better, its collapsible design makes it ideal for on-the-go gaming.
Create a one-of-a-kind keyboard when you have the MelGeek Pixel LEGO-compatible mechanical keyboard. It incorporates LEGO-inspired bricks in every detail. What’s more, it lets you swap and mix colors and bricks on nearly every keyboard component.

Add bright colors to your music-listening sessions when you go for the Master & Dynamic BAPE music collection. This line consists of 2 products—the MG20 wireless gaming headphones and the MW08 wireless earphones—each in 2 colors. They’re definitely some of the best items in our geek gadgets buyer’s guide.
Travel back to the 1980s when you build the LEGO ICONS Atari 2600. This building set includes a replica console, a joystick, and game cartridges. Meanwhile, 3 mini-builds recreate scenes from popular Atari games.
Want to increase your setup’s geek factor? Add the Razer Strider Chroma hybrid mouse to your desk. The 19 customizable lighting zones let you create a unique look. Then, the mat is balanced for optimal control and speed.
With a design inspired by spaceships, the Muzen Cyber Shell Mechanical True Wireless Stereo Speaker befits our geek gadgets buyer’s guide. It brings 3 audio modes to your music, enhancing vocal effects, rock, and rap.
Indulge in your Transformers fandom with the Robosen x Hasbro Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Trailer. It’s modeled after the original G1 design and spans 3 feet in height when fully extended. Moreover, Roller is inside, waiting for your command via the app.
Level up your collection of geek gadgets and accessories with the nerdy, fandom-inspired products on this list. Which ones will you go for? Let us know!
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