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This holiday season, Netflix has decided to release a licensed horror film titled The Invitation. If you’ve already watched all of the available Christmas movies on Netflix, you might want to check out something a little different. Why not check out The Invitation? It arrives on the streamer on Dec. 24, so maybe you can add it to your list of movies to watch on Christmas Eve.
The Invitation is a Sony film that was helmed by Jessica M. Thompson from a screenplay written by Blair Butler. You might be wondering how a Sony film is being released on Netflix. Well, Netflix and Sony signed a deal in April 2021 where Netflix gets exclusive rights to stream Sony Pictures’ theatrical releases in the first pay TV window. Now that Netflix has streaming rights to the film, they’ve decided to drop it in late December.
The horror flick follows a young woman named Evie who decides to take a DNA test after her mother’s death since she has no other known relatives. After taking the test, she discovers that she has a long-lost cousin named Oliver. They meet up, and he invites her to a wedding in the English countryside, where she meets more of her extended family. But once Evie arrives at the English estate, she starts to uncover dark and twisted family secrets and realizes that the invitation to visit family is not without a catch.
Nathalie Emmanuel stars in the leading role of Evie. The rest of the cast includes Thomas Doherty, Sean Pertwee, Hugh Skinner, Carol Ann Crawford, Alana Boden, Stephanie Corneliussen, Courtney Taylor, and Virág Bárány. Now, if you’re looking forward to watching this movie, we must share the parents guide and age rating. Can you watch this film with kids, or is it not kid-friendly?
The horror film is rated PG-13, meaning it may be inappropriate for ages under 13. It was given this age rating for terror, violent content, some strong language, sexual content, and partial nudity. As expected of a horror movie, some blood will be shown and tons of jump scares. Overall, this film may be watched by older kids, but we wouldn’t recommend letting a younger audience watch it. Parents are strongly cautioned.
Check out the thrilling official trailer for a sneak peek of the movie!
As you can see in the trailer, a naked woman is shown swimming in a pool, two characters are passionately kissing, the main character’s nail becomes injured and blood is shown, a woman’s neck is slashed, somebody is set on fire, a man cuts his wrist with his sharp thumbnail, a bloody butcher’s knife is shown, and the main character is knocked out with a porcelain glass.
There are many frightening and intense scenes in this movie that could scare younger children. I doubt you would want them to watch this type of content. So, we strongly recommend watching this movie when you have time to yourself, and no kids are around.
Make sure to check out The Invitation, coming to Netflix on Dec. 24.
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