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Need a unique yet educational toy for the kids in your life this holiday season? You can't go wrong with STEM toys. In addition to being fun to play with (that's a given!), they're also educational. They're a great way for growing minds to play, learn, and better understand the world around them. Whether your kids love building things or experimenting with electronics, there's a little something out there for every young mind to grow alongside with. 
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But what should you choose for your child? We've got you covered there. We've rounded up some of the best STEM toys on the market that you can save on right now at Amazon. You can pick up these fun gadgets and gizmos at a low price and make some fun holiday memories together. Shop our picks below!
Science may not be magic, but it's pretty close. And this kit marries the two concepts with 20 fun science experiments that include vanishing test tubes, floating coins, metal bending, and much more, all meant to teach the science behind each trick. Each experiment is cleverly disguised as a magic trick so your kids can feel like they're just putting on a show, but really they're learning important fundamentals the whole time. National Geographic Science Magic Kit, Originally $29.99, Now $24.89 on Amazon
Is your child a tinkerer? Always taking things apart to see how they work? This set can help them make dozens of cool gadgets, with over 100 projects to test out. Build everything from a flying saucer to a fun alarm while learning circuitry, practical skills, and more, all with one main project board and everything your kid needs to roll up their sleeves and get to the bottom of some of these fun experiments. Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Exploration Kit, Originally $36.95, Now $19.59
Give your child the gift of 65 different experiments to test out, learn from, and show off to their friends. This kit is a great way to introduce your kids to chemistry, math, biology, and more by giving them ways to make tornadoes in a bottle or marbled slime, all made with the items in this handy kit, which they can keep as their science "lab" for further learning. Be Amazing! Toys Big Bag of Science, Original $49.99, Now $29.49 on Amazon
These colorful magnetic blocks go far beyond Lego building sets. This 100-piece set comes with a variety of shapes that click together to make 3D structures with the power of magnets. They're perfect for teaching 2D patterns and various types of buildings, and they're great for kids of various ages given their smooth texture and no jagged edges. See what kind of tile creations your children come up with when you leave them to their own devices. FNJO Magnetic Building Block Tiles, Originally $74.99, Now $52.99 on Amazon 
Coding is a skill that will benefit just about anyone in their search for the perfect career. Start them young with this fun little robot, which lets kids learn early programming skills that help them make this robot walk, sing, dance, record, speak, and draw. It can help teach up to 256 commands and even interact with kids for more learning fun beyond coding projects. Matatalab TaleBot Pro Coding Robot for Kids, Originally $99.99, Now $61.19 on Amazon


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