Predicting the top 10 for the 4th Playoff poll of 2022 – Saturday Down South

It was weird.
For the members of the selection committee who watched football on Saturday, it had to be strange. All of the top 5 teams found themselves in a 1-score game in the second half against unranked teams. Each of the top 4 prevailed, with the lone exception being No. 5 Tennessee.
We could’ve had tons of movement. Instead, though, we should have a somewhat drama-free rankings show Tuesday night (7 pm, ESPN).
Here’s how I see that playing out:
This spot should really come down to Oregon or Penn State, but the Ducks fended off Utah, which the selection committee clearly valued. The Ducks continuing to get respect is important for a potential 1-loss, Pac-12 champ USC team. The Oregon ranking could carry a lot of weight for the Trojans if they’re trying to battle the Michigan/Ohio State loser or a 1-loss TCU team.
It really would’ve been nice for Clemson’s outside Playoff chances if Michigan and/or TCU could’ve missed their respective game-winning kicks. Instead, that didn’t happen and UNC fell as a 3-touchdown favorite, which means the ACC Championship won’t be a potential top-10 win for the Tigers. On the surface, one would think Clemson would be in position to make a nice jump after clubbing Miami. But last week, the selection committee told us that Alabama’s résumé is being held in higher regard, and because Tennessee has the head-to-head against the Tide, I wonder if that puts an indirect ceiling on Clemson. At least for now.
Would I have the Tide in this spot? No, but the selection committee might point to the true road wins against current AP Top 25 teams (Ole Miss and Texas) as a justification for this ranking. We know the Tide came in a spot ahead of 1-loss Clemson last week, and without a path to a division title, there’s no Playoff discussion that directly involves Alabama.
Wait, only a 2-spot slip? How? Didn’t the Vols just get trucked by an unranked South Carolina team as a 3-touchdown favorite? Yes. I’d put Clemson ahead of both Tennessee and Alabama. But I wonder if the selection committee gives the Vols the head-to-head advantage against fellow 2-loss team Alabama, but not fellow 2-loss team LSU. Why not LSU? Well, Tennessee has 2 losses since that decisive LSU win while the Tigers are unbeaten since that beatdown. But whatever the case, the Vols’ Playoff dreams died at Williams-Brice Stadium on Saturday night.
Finally, USC answered a true test. That was a gutsy showing at UCLA (I use “at” loosely) to keep its Playoff hopes alive. Caleb Williams continued to build his Heisman Trophy résumé, but more importantly, USC continued to build its 1-loss résumé. No contender has more wins vs. current AP Top 25 teams (2) than USC. So then why won’t the Trojans jump LSU? They still have just 3 wins vs. Power 5 teams with winning records. Clearly, though, the selection committee is going to make the Trojans think they have a Playoff path heading into conference championship weekend … as long as they beat Notre Dame.
I’m not totally ruling out the idea of USC jumping LSU, but the selection committee had the Tigers at No. 6 last week, so they can maintain the stance they had last week about why there’s a 2-loss path to the Playoff. That is, they totally flipped the script since getting blown out by Tennessee. Thats’s why Brian Kelly’s squad was only 1 spot behind the Vols last week, despite that early-October drubbing in Death Valley. The 5 wins against Power 5 teams with a winning record should help, as should the fact that LSU and Georgia are the only remaining contenders with wins vs. current AP Top 10 teams. Of course, LSU still needs to take care of business in College Station before a win-or-go-home showdown in Atlanta.
Somehow, someway, the Horned Frogs are still here. By virtue of a fire drill field goal for the ages, TCU now has 7 wins against Power 5 teams with winning records. That’s as many as Michigan (4) and USC (3) combined. There’s no denying that they’re worthy of a top-4 spot as it stands, and if they become the second Power 5 team to go 12-0 and win a conference championship with a 9-game conference schedule, well, that’s not debatable. What’s debatable is whether the Horned Frogs have any leeway. One would think they don’t, but a blowout in the Michigan-Ohio State game coupled with an LSU loss in the SEC Championship could change that. And while we’re at it, USC losing to either Notre Dame or Oregon would be greatly beneficial.
The notion that Michigan is automatically in with a close loss to Ohio State is premature. Yes, the Penn State win is solid. Outside of that, though? It’s a few wins against 4- and 5-loss teams. We know the Wolverines punted on a real nonconference game, and if they’re on the outside looking in during conference championship weekend, they could be banking on a 3-team parlay of:
Alternatively, Michigan could lock in a No. 2 seed at worst if it beats Ohio State in Columbus and it takes care of business against an unranked Big Ten West champ. Regardless of that likely No. 3 ranking, Michigan fans should be treating Saturday’s showdown in Columbus as “Playoff or bust.”
Here’s the good news for the Buckeyes. Even though it’s been a bit touch and go at times, they’re still sitting at 11-0 with 2 wins against teams that are currently ranked inside the top 15 of the AP Poll. And the subjective “eye test” metric working in Ohio State’s favor is that the average scoring margin against Power 5 teams is +26.2. Only Georgia is better. That’s why a loss to Michigan isn’t make-or-break. Still, though. Ohio State knows all too well about what it’s like to be sitting there as the 1-loss team on the outside looking in during conference championship weekend. It happened in 2015 and 2016 with mixed results.
My advice? Beat Michigan.
Yeah, it was ugly. The same was true of every top-5 team on Saturday. At least the Dawgs added another win against a Power 5 team with a winning record and closed out a perfect SEC slate for the second consecutive season. Oregon beating Utah to get back into the top 10 of the AP Poll helped the Dawgs’ growing résumé, which includes 2 such wins. Among the 7 teams with a path to the Playoff, here are the wins against current top-10 teams in the AP Poll:
That’s why barring losses to both Georgia Tech and LSU, the Dawgs will have a Playoff spot with a legitimate shot to repeat.
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TN is too high IMO…probably 9 or 10. No team should take a beating like that and not get punished in the rankings.
USC (e) 5; TN 9; Oregon 10.
BIG # but if A+M does not show up and give LSU a half decent game is Jimbo’s job in doubt?
Good heavens. Here we go again. TN still beat both LSU and Bama. It’s still the best offense in the country as long as we score our 40 against Vandy. We don’t know all the circumstances around the loss, or if there weren’t truth in the rumors. But regardless, TN still has two top ten wins.. One is now a top 5.
Because TN would be a two loss team and even though LSU is also a two loss team they still won their division and will be playing for a conference championship. This should come as no surprise LSU and AL have both been in this exact position AL with one loss to Alburn when GA and AL both got onto the playoffs. Ohio And Penn state. Why are you acting surprised. There is little to no room for error at the end of the season for any one. It’s not always about who you beat it’s also about who beat you. If you had not played GA and were in the west this would be a moot point. But you guys are in the east and just like every year “There can be only One”!
Best offense in the country! WOW! Wonder where that puts the DAWGS D? Otherworldly?
Tennessee is a very good team with a very good offense but great teams don’t get smashed by south carolina with the playoffs on the line. Just sayin. Ur not playoff worthy anymore. Maybe next year
I get that but also can’t discount that TN won the head to head against both Bama and LSU and has the same number of losses. If anything Bama should b ranked the highest since at least both of their losses were to top 10 teams…
Not suggesting TN deserves to be in the playoff conversation still, but ranking teams that they beat in front of them doesn’t make a lot of sense either.
Should SC be ranked above them?
Not trying rub salt in your UT wounds but you are right, UT will be lower than 7th after that debacle in Columbia.
Alabamas 2 losses are by a combined 4 points to the, Tennessees are by a combined 39 points and one was an unranked team whereas Alabamas losses are both in the top 10. Quality of win is just as important as quality of loss. Sds writers forgetting to ise their brains again today.
Cool. So what good teams did they beat? Your best win is a 6 point slugfest vs Ole Miss.
But one of those top 10 losses was…wait for it…Tennessee
Dawg, your still pretenders at averaing 23 points a game against the 3 best foe you’ve seen since Oregon. lol UK, TN and Mizzou, Vs TN’s average points vs LSU, Bama and UGA.. which is 36.9. That is why TN only had a two two rank drop. Plus, the initial 4 drop TN had after losing to UGA, now looks a bit harsh considering how UGA looks with your point averages and the UK game. But, they also know it was more about TN than SC in TN’s loss last weekend. The only way you play like that is if you want to lose.. at least that’s the
Rumor has it that rocky flop loves c0ck so much they tried to get as much as they could.
Only after the beat down did they realize that this wasnt the type of c0ck they were volunteering for so they went to gwhites trailer for a rocky flop circle jerk.
You still don’t get it it’s is about wins and losses not about statistics or yards gained or how many points you score the only column that matters is W vs L. GA -0 L’s were TN -2 L’s. Stop crying and hope your team does better next year.
And be happy it started raining inthe 2nd half of the GA game. That game was well on its way to being 50- to 6 until GA stopped airing out on your non existent secondary.
Haha poor gwhite…all is lost but trolling UGA…
1 Stat matters: Which team has the most points at the end of the game.
Especially, in a so-called playoff that eliminates 97% of the contenders in the regular season.
Just win baby + if you do take a loss take it early and not late.
Gwhite, reality can be a terrible burden sometimes, like seeing your team destroyed by an unranked, 6 or 7 win team near the end of the season. I suggest you worry about a suddenly strong Vandy.
You do know the object is to score more than the other guy right? 6 to 3 is better than 49 to 52 or even 38 to 63. Of course 48 to 7 is wayyyyyyyy better than 38 to 63.
Tennessee always loses to a high powered offense this late in the season. They just can’t stop the high octane offense that South Carolina had with who should be heisman candidate rattler. Every single year Tennessee taken down by an offensive juggernaut.
Alabama at 9-2 is the worse for them in 15 years while Tennessee at 9-2 is the best for them in 15 years. I believe the committee knows a fluke when they see one.
I know it might break your narrative, but UGA was never in a “one score” game in the 2nd half at UK. 16-0 in 2nd half became 16-6. I know math is hard, but a 10 point lead is not a “one score” game.
I don’t think half these writers even watch the games.
Half? You’re being generous.
All over the place today I see that the Trojans is 1-0 vs the CT’s top 25.
The Trojans is 2-1 vs the CT top 25 with road wins at OR ST and UCLA and a 1 point loss at Utah.
Attention to detail?
Go LSU. The B1G champ game will stink; we need a ‘meaningful’ SEC champ game.
You beat me to it.
Can’t even add and subtract.
Hey, need someone with modest math skills, SDS? (Obviously you do.) I’m available.
May want to reconsider, it’s a min wage gig and you have to sell ads…
Beat me to it.
Georgia was never in a one-score game in the 2nd half.
It was 9-0 at halftime, went to 16-0, and the final was 16-6.
I fully expect USC to jump LSU to #5. I’ll be surprised if they don’t move up.
Tenn won’t be ranked that high.
My prediction
May want to put ClemGoob ahead of Bama, it will make their fans feel better for about a week until the Coots wipe the floor with them…one can wish, right?
Perhaps spot on? But Clemson did jump Bama in the AP Poll.
I agree with the top 4 and SC 5, TN 9 and Oregon 10.
LSU keeps lurking. I hope they jump USC above them. Nothing like extra motivation. Win out and they’re in regardless of everything else that happens.
“Each of the top 4 prevailed, with the lone exception being No. 5 Tennessee.”
Editor Adam Spencer is over at the basketball articles letting us all know Georgia is 4-2 after playing 5 games…I’m guessing Connor published this one without Adam perusing it first for accuracies…
Thanks Connor.
USC is 2-1 vs CT top 25 teams. 2 road wins and 1 point loss at Utah.
The Pac-12 has the most teams ranked in the AP Top 25 with 6 and could have 6 ranked in tonight’s PO CT top 25.
LSU has a Bad home loss vs Tennessee and a loss to AP poll #16 FSU.
SC is -5.5 vs Notre Dame which would be another top 25 win and will be the favorite to win the Pac-12 title against Oregon, UW or Utah.
That would mean a final SC record of 4-1 vs the top 25 with 2 road wins and a neutral site win. And a ‘good’ 1 point road loss.
1L Michigan will not finish ahead of USC. 2L LSU with a win over a pathetic A+M team and an upset of UGA will likely because of brand, be in the final 4 with UGA and Ohio State. In that case, with the CT putting the 1st 2L team in the final 4 I think SC would deserve to be in at 12-1 over a 13-0 TCU.
Lot’s of ball left. I think SC easily covers the -5.5 vs The Domers.
Yeah as much as LSU likes to think they are special and neither of their losses actually matter, CFP history has never been kind to 2 loss teams no matter how well they are playing at the end of the year.
ND is looking very strong these days. I’m not sure I’d take them over ND though. If SC did all they, they’d deserve to be in over UGA if UGA lost to LSU.
all that**
I like how the picture shows the trophy in Tennessee lol. Like those Geico commercials…”You almost had it” LOL. But hey, you got the stats lol
You’ll always have the stats White. And meth
I would drop UGA just for averaging 23 points over their 3 best foe since the Oregon game. UK, TN and Mizzou. This is beyond horrific. No number one team has been that bad. TN’s average against their three best and ranked foe, Bama, LSU and UGA, that is 3 top ten team. TN averaged 39.6! You need meth if your still not impressed by that for TN over the 23 point average UGA put up lol.
Yes well thankfully i can’t remember one time you were right about anything when it come to UGA football…or much else on here for that matter…hey gwhite why did you delete all your comments off top billin’s you tube page? He said he would love to hear from you some more …lol
Oh he heard from me plenty last night and if they are gone, than he deleted them. I gave him 4 good paragraphs. I don’t delete my posts.. Ever.. So I see your wearing your knee pads for this bum git off your knees man and defend your or lack there of. 23 points against your best three foe since week 1! Would you let your team in the playoffs if you were to lose to LSU?? Homeie? lol
You’re a idiot gwhite..You’re continually embarrassed on here and other site’s and You’re just to stupid to realize it…you are just like a politician…you can never admit when you’re wrong…you just make crazy @$$ excuses and double down on your delusional bs…it’s sad but funny…but thanks for the entertainment…
Lol…UGA is 11-0 is all I care about…I’ll take scoring 16 points in a win over scoring 38 in a loss any day…
The G fan 43 lol Son, if you can’t refute my stats, there isn’t any embarrassment on my All you people have is, “hate him for his stats”. Not one of you can argue anything against them, but yet you try and insults..LOL F’kin pathetic morons lol. It’s hard work making you look this sad..Tell me what your offensive stats are against against TN, UK and Mizzou? LOL
The G fan 43 I’m just going to start calling you Lloyd from dumb and d u m b e r . I’m not seeing it here Lloyd. I need the offensive data stats that make think you will beat these teams. The media has filled your heads with delusion that you are somehow last year’s team. They were much better than you in stats, on offense and D and have the quality wins. You don’t have one ranked road win.
gwhite I don’t give a sh** about your stupid useless little stats Arnie Grape…I care about having more points than your opponent at the end of the 4th quarter…UGA has done that 29 out of their last 30 games…if stats impress you and mean more than winning…that’s great
You must use meth because you can’t figure out “you’re” and “your.”
23 points lol. Bahahahahha!
63 points surrendered to SC…hahaha
39.6 avg vs 3 top ten teams. UGA, Bama and LSU. That beats any one game D collapse of even 63 points. And surely is more impressive than 23 point average against one top ten team and 2 unranked ones.. lol No, I’m right You’re = you are. Your from UGA and still can’t count. lol
You just used the wrong form again you incompetent moron. We’ll keep crying because EVERY prediction you’ve had about UGA has been wrong. Enjoy watching us in the playoff again 😉
Drop UGA because of the # of points scored? What would you do with all those Bama teams pre-Kiffen that won with average at best QBs, no downfield passing threat and excellent D?
My guess? There is no threat of you being invited to join the PO Committee?
Can TN beat a hot Vandy team playing its 2nd string QB and fielding a D that made it look like Rattler should be invited to NYC.
Love what Heupel is going at TN but there is a reason that no hurry-up spread it out team has won a PO title.
Dixie duke…
Isn’t interesting that you can not spell…
Go Vols!
You aren’t smart. You are laughing at 13 which is less than 27. You know that 27 is greater than 13? Man you poor soul so desperate and full of hate. Why are you so dumb? I’ve posted some many things waiting for you to open your stupid mouth so i can take a dump in it.
S pee doggie…
Isn’t interesting that you can not spell even the simplest words…
Folks… I found another GA buffoon…
Go Vols!
Here is the hardest thing for people to get about TN. An ugly loss does not erase TN averaging 39.6 point per game against their three best for. All three are top ten. Bama, LSU and UGA. Also, TN maintains the wins over two of those top ten. For UGA, averaging 23 points against UK, TN and Mizzou pales in comparison. Plus, UK and Mizzou aren’t even ranked. So if LSU were to beat UGA, there is a big case to be made why they shouldn’t drop out of the top 4. 75th SOS ranking and that’s all the points you can put up on the best three teams you’ve played since week 1? LOL
Do you actually think this is possible? Like really? Your brain is so small it can’t comprehend that this will NEVER happen? Oh well I guess you’ll be sad either way. And EVERYONE here will love that lmao
23 point average. lol. “I’m not seeing it here Lloyd”. Do I actually think you could figure out your 3 game offensive average without me? 23 point average against TN, Uk and Mizzou.. “I’m not seeing it here Lloyd” lol
Now dont’ make excuses for your teams pathetic offensive numbers in the three hardest foe you’ve played since week 1. Why would we be sad moron? We averaged 39.6 against actual top ten teams. Don’t hate da stat man, hate da
Congrats on your stats. The ONE stat that matters is that massive, pathetic 2 in your loss column. Enjoy continued mediocrity.
Yes well Tennessee averaging whatever on offense can’t erase they have a horrible defense…they’re a big12 offense with a pac12 defense…enjoy the citrus bowl gwhite…
Yep, we played a bad D game. So what? Your a bad offense lol. I think we’ll still do the Orange bowl but your team is in for a disappointing rude awakening. IF that’s the best you can do offensively against those three teams. You got no shot at anyone in the top 4 and LSU could very well end your season..NO matter out bowl, we’ve improved. Whereas, it appears you have not! lol Your not even close to UGA 2021. 16 points on UK? Wth? Even I didn’t predict that.
Yep if UGA plays like they did this past Saturday they’ll probably lose to Lsu…but if they had played that way against Tennessee, Oregon or Florida they would have lost also…I’m gonna go out on a limb and say they’ll play better against Lsu and in the playoffs…hopefully my limb is a little stronger than the one you were standing on when you picked Tennessee to score 48 on UGA…and beat SC by 50…
You really need to google how to use “your” and “you’re.” Sorry your trailer park didn’t teach you.
The UK proves you are a fraud offense living off one pasty big TE lol. Your lost in the secondary when teams actually throw a couple passes on you and no clue how you don’t win short yardage against UK.. Am I missing anything? That is Chit sir. You weren’t sleepwalking from lack of challenge, you all appear to be what you are. A team that struggles against teams with a pulse of .500 and zero ranked road wins on the season. If I’ve noticed all this than the Committee certainly has.
Committee sees the 0 in the loss column.
Go to bed now
These are your 3 hand picked games to fit your narrative. Never mind the fact you left out a top 10 team to include mizzou. Meanwhile the season is 12 games. UGA is 7 in total offense and 11 in scoring offense. That is a STAT… available to look up on the NCAA website. Not a twisted narrative that only works for 1 side
lol 7 in total offense is junk if you only averaged 23 points against one ranked team and two unranked teams. TN, Mizzou and UK. That’s all you could do..You have the 75th ranked SOS and your think your a legit 7th best offense in the nation? LOL That could only score 16 against UK and most of them were FG’s.. Dude, if your not playing anybody ranked, no one cares! lol 11th in scoring offense, once again, 23 points avg against the best three teams you played all season. Pitiful.. lol They are handpicked because they are by resume and rank the three best teams you played moron! lol UK, TN and MIzzou. Wow. The three best ranked teams and record we played were UGA, Bama, LSU and we averaged 39.6 points over the three. Three top ten teams and two wins against them.
Here’s a stat for you
Ga at USCe 48-7
10nc at USCe 38- OMG 63!!!
“You’re basic”
13 lol
Too bad you absolutely sucked when it mattered. 1998 little guy
Lol just Lol stop lol
Nobody said it did. It simply erases your playoff chances and ensures your championship drought will last another year.
If USC and TCU win out, and LSU pulls an ultimate upset, the committee will give UGA the shaft and leave them out. They won’t put two SEC teams in the top four again after all the butthurt and whining by the A-She-She, Big 10, and Pac 12 last year.
I agree and I’m basing that on what UGA averaged offensively in their three hardest games since week one. TN, UK, Mizzou, or three best teams since week one and that is disappointing 23 points! They have the 75th ranked SOS. TN had the 3rd hardest schedule and still averaged 39.6 against 1 top 5 and two top ten teams. UGA, BAma and LSU and won two of those. And the part of your comment as well. No two loss team ever made it the SECCG, so why should UGA not get knocked out if they were to lose to them after their point average. They could still be jsut a top ten team but aren’t scoring the points on anyone with even a have decent recored. 27 against TN isn’t impressive, 26 against Mizzou and 16 against UK. There is no proof to date UGA can beat a ranked team on the road.
Sit there and count stats clown….is that what you did when you picked Tennessee to beat UGA by 3 TD’s? Or picked them to beat SC by…what was the word? Fiddy…hahaha…63 points…hahaha
Hey, anyone and everyone is wrong. But that ain’t going to change what your stats are and what you’ve proven so far this season and that is very little. We were a 7 win team last year. You won a national championship and so far this season, no one’s impressed with UGA. We will still be ranked way hgiher than you offensively for the season. You just don’t have the offense to win a title imo. I think 5 teams could beat you by three scores. And someone might. You only got in the top 4 because you beat us in a close game at home. That’s it. Without that win, your sitting outside the top 4. Based on from what I’ve seen, i’d have you outside the top 10 lol. Now we have to wonder if SC is just that much better than you offensively
So, we could go from 7-5 to being 11-2 with a bowl game. For any team that is amazing. It took Kirby 6 years to beat Saban, it took us year two under Heupel. Look, child, no one is saying your a bad team, you just haven’t proven much so far this season and your living off last year’s reputation. I don’t see an elite offense with UGA, based on what’ve your point averages are on decent to good teams. You’ve played very few good teams and no ranked wins on the road. I don’t know what to tell you to make you feel better or like you need to throw shade at TN. Man TF up and act like a an adult. Look at what your team lacks and how might your team fair against ranked foe, on the road or neutral sites, against top 5 teams. So, laugh at TN all you want and it surprised people TN lost to SC. Btu they will be shocked when they see what issues you have that you deny that are there. Imo, you should miss the playoffs if you get owned by LSU. You have zero style, scratch that, skill points vs those teams.
The Mizzou game turned out to be a warning of bad UGA offense down the TN and UK were examples. Don’t get your feelins hurt if the team we blew out on the road skull drags you for four quarters.. I see that potential at least there based on how you’ve done against .500 or better teams, namely the three best teams you played since week one. I see a potential gross mismatch coming with UGA vs LSU, OSU, TCU and maybe Michigan. And your run game isn’t impressive against those three teams. Your ground D is good but UK isn’t a pass threat and TN wasn’t aggressive in Athens. You only have 18 passing TD’s on the season vs OSU’s 36, TN’s 34…Plus your 6 INT’s. Your the odd team out as far as passing TD’s. Means they are all better than you in passing scoring offense. And its not close.
Go on with your numbers gwhite…I know it’s all you got left this season…just wonder how big of number Vandy will hang on that horrible D Saturday night
The G fan 43 Look G, I’m not saying you how those games will go, I i’m just reminding you statistically when you see these things they are the precursors to losses. I don’t want you to feel I’m picking on you or your team. Sometimes stats don’t follow predictions and upsets happen. WE just saw a huge one with TN vs SC. No one saw that coming and from what I saw in that game, it was us doing things differently and badly. Not SC being world beaters, they just took advantage like any team should have. Whether rumors of TN’s D throwing the game because Heupel benched Jeremy Banks over a fight with Hooker, or the fact that we never lined up more than 4 on the D’line instead of 8, 9 or more for the entire game. In 9 games we did bring that many off the D’line, we won every game. The two games we didn’t, we lost. That was our identity but either way, we didn’t stay true to it. But the secondary looked like a bunch of HS kids mad at their coach for benching their secondary D captain. Who knows if that rumor is true but we are our record. So, why don’t you impress us and show us you can talk about those issues you have in those three games. Give some insight and what you all might do to improve it? Than, I can start to see you as an adult instead of a cryingsissy man about TN? I know you can make the leap bro? lol
Hows that redzone defense doing?
JTF 23 points vs UK, TN, Mizzou. I don’t think you have a redzone D lol. How many ranked road wins do you have? ZERO. TN averaged 39.6 against their three best foe. UGA, LSU and Bama, WOW! All three are top ten teams. Well I think UGA is ranked that way but we’ll see lol. Your a puppy Pet Supply team on offensive life support lol.
UGA, Bama, probably Miss St, could hang 100 on TN if they really wanted to.
Precursors to losses? We why didn’t you see Tennessee’s 2 losses coming? You were on here running your mouth. They have the #1 offense in the nation. Surely a smart guy like you can see it coming with all the stats you dig up… oh yea that’s right you have to play defense, special teams, and road games in football LOL
TJW13 There is always the potential for a loss and no one can see the future That is why you pay attention to stats. We still have the number one offense in the nation idiot. That doesn’t change just because we lost game.. See, this is what i’m talking about. I’m surrounded by little UGA idiot sandwhiches lol. All you can do is say with may or may not happen. And explain why it turns out the way it does. It’s all anyone ever does.
There is an old saying that statistics is for losers and apparently that is so.
Everyone faces a game or two that they could lose. Champions find a way to prevail. The top 5 ranked teams were all on upset notice as their games went on. 4 overcame in championship fashion while the other caved in as pretenders do. Style points do not win championships.
13 lol
It took Kirby 2 years to play for a National Championship as well. Hype-LL?
The Vols, so far, have 2Ls.
Including an L against the division leader it had to beat on the road an L that showed how soft a hurry up no huddle O can make its D look.
Enjoy the Vols non-Peach/Fiesta Bowl game. This season was another step forward for TN.
Dixie, this just proves hwo dumb you are and don’t know what a Tempo Spread offense is nor what makes it work. lol. It’s more cerebral brand of offense when it comes to recognizing the D and spreading it. It works and better than anything anyone else is running in the SEC on offense. It scores consistently. Hey, i’m fine with an Orange bowl, cotton, who cares as long as we win 11 games. It’s not what made the D have issues. It was not bringing 8 or 9 off the line #amn you dumb. Did you watch the D’line set for TN at all? Pay attention. When we bring 8,9 or more all game, we are 9-0 when we don’t and only have 4 set down linemen we are 0-2. That’s all you need to remember dixie skippy lol
The UT offense doesn’t work against UGA…lol…they’re only averaging 15 points a game against Kirbys defense…hahaha…15 points for your so called great offense…there’s a stat for you…explain that one Stat man..
13 lol
Dixie duke…
Isn’t interesting that you are getting your little heiny handed to you on a platter…
Dixie duke… go drink your Billy Beer…
Go Vols!
Then why didn’t it score more points than Georgia did? Oh that’s right, cuz it sucks lmao.
JTF LOL Bahahaahah UGA at best only could do 27 on TN. That is evidenced by only the 16 you could lay on UK, 26 on Mizzou! You don’t have Bama’s passing offense, nor TN’s by a mile. If you could have score 66 on Mizzou, 44 on UK, you would have. And no way you’ll score 40 on LSU, or could you 52 on Bama like TN did. Your just not built that way. Your a methodical, non-dynamic offense against teams, but non-explosive against ranked teams. I think that may change if Monken leaves and SB is gone.. but only with Kirby’s permission and will. Which, he’ll never give.
All those limitations and UGA will still win the national championship.
You should send Coach Smart a thank you note for not running up on you sieve of a defense. UGA only threw 4 passes in the entire 2nd half. He took pity on TN.
Yep and Heupel run out of favors for running it up on mizzou…that’s why Beamer ran it up Saturday night and why future opponents will do so…I’m already looking forward to the beat downs the vols have coming next season..
13 lol
too bad this will be the only time you will run your stupid mouth. what’s it going to be like next year dumbazz? you’re season is over with hooker out and yall are going to lose to Vandy bahahhahaahah. Maybe you won’t lose to vandy, but your season means NOTHING. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING. Keep running your mouth. I’ve been begging you to say something back you little biat@h.
pay attention to stats bahahahahaha!!!! Is 13 points a stat? That’s less than 27 right? ahh man, UGA only scored 27 points to TN’s 13? I guess that means we weren’t good enough but for some reason, you loss you stupid MF!!!!!! man are you that dumb bahahahahaaha
I honestly think I’d rather lose to SC than Bama or Florida…
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