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Spoiler: It’s a very famous actress from Australia
There are many Hollywood celebrities everybody fantacizes with, even pornstars like Abella Danger. The folks from Barstool Sports have made it their brand working with star from the adult film industry and interview them. Currently, they have a show where they interview women who have an Onlyfans page called ‘Only Stans‘. However, they have also gone mainstream and made a lot of content with the biggest pornstars in the industry. Amongst the questions they ask, there’s always the almost mandatory ‘who’s your biggest celebrity crush?’ but with an x-rated connotation.
When the people at Barstool asked pornstar Abella Danger a similar question, her response might’ve surprised more than one. But the question turned into something different because they were initially asking: “If you could bang any celebrity but you’d have to make a sex tape with them that would go viral, would you do it?” Which then turned into Abella Danger revealing her biggest celebrity crush is actress Margot Robbie. The new ‘Barbie’ actress has many fans around the world, including Abella.
When we are talking about pornstars, there is a common misconception that none of them have a balanced moral compass. But Abella Danger’s response to this question proves she absolutely does. But Abella also couldn’t help but do this name drop, proving she really likes Margot Robbie. This is what she said: “”No, I would not f**king do it. And I’ve had guys, I’ve had celebrities that want to film having sex with me and I’m like ‘are you f**king insane?’ I know I’m a trusting person but how are you so trusting? I’d never put it out, I would never disclose any of my escapades. My dream famous person to bang is a girl. They’re really famous, it’s Margot Robbie. I am so obsessed with her.”
Basically, Abella Danger was shooting her shot on Barstool Sports at one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. What would Margot Robbie say about this and would she ever entertain this idea? We don’t even know details about the ‘Harley Quinn: Birds of Pray’ actress’ preferred sexual orientation.
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