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Got a ski trip planned to Breckenridge? Maybe you’ve booked a log cabin for New Year’s. Wherever you go this winter, our buyer’s guide for winter gadgets has everything you need to stay warm and cozy.
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If skiing or snowboarding are part of your trip, check out the Ryidar LinkLens Pro 2.0. These smart audio snow goggles deliver an immersive audio experience, even in windy conditions.
Then, you can protect your hands and still use your devices with the DEXFUZE waterproof Drylite Gloves by DexShell. They’re waterproof, windproof, and touchscreen compatible.
Travel to your winter destination like a pro with these vacation-ready gadgets.
Want to tackle the mountain while listening to your favorite music? The Ryidar LinkLens Pro 2.0 smart audio snow goggles help you do that. They feature an upgraded driver, speakers, and hardware for incredible audio on the slopes. You can even connect to your voice assistant with the touch of a button.
Get them for about $210 on the official website.

A helmet is a must on the slopes. But the SENA Latitude Series smart snow helmets keep you in touch with your group. That’s thanks to speakers and a microphone embedded in the ear pads. You can also use the sound system to stream music.
Get one for $159 on the official website.
Your hands will stay warm while wearing the DexShell DEXFUZE Waterproof Drylite Gloves. Thanks to DEXFUZE technology, these windproof and waterproof gloves have a 3-bonded-in-1 fabric construction. Compatible with touchscreens, these gloves keep you connected to your tech while outdoors, which is why they made our buyer’s guide for winter gadgets.
Get them for $55.99 on the official website.
Light your way though an evening winter trek in the forest with the BioLite HeadLamp 325 ultra-lightweight USB headlamp. It gives you bright light, flexible modes, and USB rechargeability. Meanwhile, the 3D SlimFit tech integrates the USB headlamp into the performance fabric head strap.
Get it for $39.95 on the official website.
Relax on your way to and from your winter destination with the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II. They adjust to your ears’ shape, ensuring a comfortable fit for hours. Then, the Quiet Mode blocks out background noise with enhanced ANC.
Get them for $299 on the official website.
Prep for potential snowstorms with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro portable power station. It supports a 3.6 kWh capacity, which you can expand to 25 kWh. What’s more, the Smart Home Panel lets you connect up to 2 units with 10 home circuits, which is why this gadget is on our buyer’s guide for winter gadgets.
Get it for $3,699 on the official website.
Sip your coffee on the way to the ski resort without spills when you have the Carter Move Mug and Slide-Lock Lid. The lid opens easily with your thumb and moves effortlessly back into place. Moreover, the ceramic-coated interior doesn’t leave any flavor on your drink.
Get it for $30 on the official website.
Enjoy warm hands during blustery city walks with the Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmer Series. Its curved body is lightweight and comfortable to hold. With 3 heat settings from 95°F to 131°F, it lets you choose your desired warmth.
Get one for $25.99 on the official website.
Want to bring your own wine to a local restaurant? Carry it in the Vinarmour Wine Carrier impact-resistant travel bag. This travel wine bag folds down for portability and resists punctures and spills. It also maintains the wine’s temperature, which is why we included it in our buyer’s guide for winter gadgets.
Get it for $298.95 on the official website.
Liven your trip with music when you have the Marshall Willen portable speaker. Small but powerful, this compact Bluetooth speaker has a 2″ full-range driver and 2 passive radiators. It also has an IP67 rating.
Get it for $119.99 on the official website.
Enjoy your winter vacation to its fullest when you travel with any of these awesome winter gadgets. What great winter gadgets to you own? Let us know!
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