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Earnings season comes four times a year and it’s a frenzy of activity, hot takes and stocks both soaring and crashing. Last week was no exception, with some big names trending on the news of their Q2 financial earnings.
Public companies are required by the SEC to update investors every quarter on the performance of their business. The idea behind this is that it keeps the stock market fair, because all investors have the same information available to make their investment decisions.
The reality may not be quite so rosy, but regardless, quarterly updates are invaluable in finding out exactly how a company is faring and what to expect over the coming months and years.
It can also give an insight on broad trends that are impacting the markets and how the economy is doing as a whole. So far this earnings season, things don’t appear as bad as many analysts had expected.
Trends can be powerful. Fundamentals are fine, but if the meme stock frenzy has taught us anything, it’s that momentum is an incredible wealth creation tool.
We take trends pretty seriously at, and we use AI to sift through multiple datasets to find investment opportunities. Our proprietary algorithm looks at Forbes popularity and sentiment data, as well as YouTube and Reddit analytics to find companies that are trending and popular.
Here are the top trending stocks for this week.
One of the major earnings announcements last week was pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. The company beat analyst expectations, largely in part to their sustained sales of the Covid-19 vaccine and antiviral drug Paxlovid.
There are also a number of continuing trials for further Covid-19 vaccinations, specifically targeting variants such as Omicron and sub-variant BA.5.
Our AI rates Pfizer as an A in Growth, a B in Low Momentum Volatility and Quality Value and an F in Technicals. The company has had a very strong period of revenue growth, with the headline figure growing 24.59% in the last fiscal year and 147.59% over the last three.
Operating income is up even more, increasing 41.87% last fiscal year and a massive 367.77% over the last three. Earnings per share growth has also been strong, up 80.87% from three years ago.
These figures saw revenue hit $81.29 billion in the last fiscal year, compared to $40.9 billion going back three years. In dollar terms, earnings per share has increased from $2.82 three years ago to hit $3.85 in the last fiscal year.
Pfizer currently trades at 8.45 times their forward earnings.
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The oil and gas industry is constantly trending right now, with the prices for crude oil hitting all time highs and causing problems for households and businesses. The online chatter hit fever pitch last week as oil producers announced record profits.
Chevron generated a quarterly profit of $11.62 billion from sales equalling $65 billion worldwide. Given these numbers, it’s not surprising that the stock closed up 8.9% on Friday to finish the week up 13.59%.
It’s been an incredible year for investors in energy companies and Chevron’s stock price is up almost 40% so far this year.
Our AI rates Chevron as an A in Low Momentum Volatility and Growth and a C in Quality Value and Technicals.
Unsurprisingly, the financials have been very strong from Chevron. In the last fiscal year, revenue grew 32.45% to $155.6 billion, operating income was up 96.62% to $15.86 billion and earnings per share grew 84.45% to $8.14.
Another oil company is next on the list for essentially the same reasons. Exxon Mobil generated record profits in the second quarter of 2022, hitting a net income figure of $17.9 billion. That’s the equivalent of $2,200 every second.
The oil industry has been upended since Russia invaded Ukraine. A huge amount of energy comes from Russia and eastern Europe, particularly to other European countries. The war has disrupted markets and caused oil prices to skyrocket, impacting prices all across the globe.
Exxon Mobil has been one of the beneficiaries of these distorted prices, increasing revenue by 28.42% in the last fiscal year. They also managed to grow operating income by 98.71% and earnings per share by 69.25%. It’s been a great time to be an oil company.
Our AI currently rates Exxon Mobil as an A in Growth, a B in Technicals and Low Momentum Volatility and a C in Quality Value.
Analysts expect revenue to grow by 11.2% over the next 12 months, and Exxon Mobil currently trades at 8.38 times their forward earnings.
Analysts expectations were exceeded by Apple last week, when the company announced earnings per share of $1.20 for the second quarter, against estimates of $1.16. Revenue figures were also up slightly off the back of surprisingly strong iPhone sales.
It wasn’t all good news, with some parts of the business making up for weakness in others. Mac sales dropped 10% year on year and iPad sales were down 2%, while iPhone sales were up 3% and services revenue was up 12%.
Revenue for Apple has increased by 48.95% over the last three fiscal years and hit $365.8 billion in the last fiscal year. Operating income hit $108.95 last fiscal year, which represents an increase of 85.09% over the last three years.
Our AI rates Apple as an A in Quality Value, a B in Low Momentum Volatility and a C in Technicals and Growth.
Return on equity has improved significantly over the last three fiscal years, growing from 55.92% to 147.44% over that period. Earnings per share hit $5.61 last fiscal year, up from $2.97 three years ago.
Looking forward, analysts expect Apple to grow their revenue by a modest 3.24% over the next 12 months. The company currently trades at 26.23 times their forward earnings.
The semiconductor sector is another that has been trending, also mainly as a result of the pandemic. With the outbreak of the pandemic forcing many workers out of offices and into working from home, the demand for laptops and devices such as tablets shot through the roof.
The huge increase in demand was accompanied by a massive slowdown in production, with factories in China locked down just like the rest of the world. This created a global microchip shortage, and the industry is still scrambling to keep up.
Western Digital recently announced a major expansion to their operations in Japan, and the plan was bolstered this week by news that the Japanese government would be providing an additional $680 million in subsidies for the project.
As a result of the news, Western Digital’s stock price was up 3.98% for the week, and has grown 13.08% over the past month. Revenue for the company has grown 13.37% in the last fiscal year and operating income increased by a massive 154.46%.
Our AI rates Western Digital as an A in Quality Value, a C in Technicals and Growth and a D in Low Momentum Volatility.
Analysts are expecting revenue growth of 2.77% over the next 12 months and the company is currently trading at 6.14 times forward earnings.
Despite a second consecutive quarterly loss for Amazon, the stock price soared by 10.36% on Friday after the company announced revenue figures that were almost $2 billion above analysts’ projections.
One of the key reasons for the loss for the quarter was a write down of Amazon’s investment in Rivian, the electric car maker. The company has been a thorn in Amazon’s side for a while now, and it doesn’t look like turning it around anytime soon.
This may not be much of a concern for Amazon in the short term, as Jeff Bezos takes a notoriously long term view with the business.
Amazon is a revenue generation machine and the headline figure has grown 73.21% over the last three years to hit $469.82 billion in the last fiscal year. Earnings per share over that period have increased from $1.15 three years ago to hit $3.24 in the last fiscal year.
Return on equity has also increased from 21.94% three years ago to 28.81% last year. Our AI currently rates Amazon as a C in Technicals and a D in Growth, Low Momentum Volatility and Quality Value.
Consensus analysts projections are for revenue growth of 6.95% over the next 12 months. Amazon currently trades at 86.06 times their forward earnings.
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