Ozzy Osbourne would rather 'stay in America' amid move to UK – Page Six

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By Nicki Cox

November 7, 2022 | 9:43pm
Ozzy Osbourne is second-guessing his decision to move back to the UK just three months after he announced he was headed back home.
“To be honest with you, if I had my way, I’d stay in America,” he told Consequence in their latest cover story published Monday. “I’m American now.”
The Black Sabbath singer, 73, had revealed in August that he was “fed up” with the staggering amount of shootings in America and was planning on moving to escape the gun violence.
However, after “getting a bit of flak from people” online, he is now regretting his decision.
“To be honest with you, I don’t want to go back [to England],” he reiterated. “F–k that.”
Ozzy also explained that it wasn’t just gun violence that spurred his desire to leave the states, but it was also his wife, Sharon’s controversial exit from “The Talk” in March.
The 70-year-old was ousted from the talk show after she defended Piers Morgan’s harsh criticism of Meghan Markle, which many labeled as “racially insensitive.”
“When my wife got called a racist on [The Talk], she is absolutely not a racist,” Ozzy told the outlet. “Her friend is Piers Morgan … She didn’t say, ‘I agree with him.’ She just respected his ability to have freedom of speech. That’s all that she said. And she got a lot of flak from that, so we actually had to have f–king armed guards and all that.”
Sharon also sat down with the outlet to discuss the pair’s decision to move, saying that Los Angeles isn’t the “heaven” it used to be when the twosome moved there over 20 years ago.
“In the ’70s, if you loved music, this was the place to be. It’s not that hub anymore. It’s not exciting anymore. It hasn’t gone sideways, it’s gone down,” she said.
“It’s not a fun place to live. It’s dangerous here. Every big city’s got crime, but I don’t feel safe here. Neither does Ozzy.”
Ozzy and Sharon had previously announced they would document their experience moving across the pond in a 10-part BBC reality series called “Home to Roost.” However, the move will mean leaving their growing family behind.
On Sunday, Page Six reported that Kelly Osbourne was headed to the hospital to give birth to her first son with Sid Wilson.
Meanwhile, Jack Osbourne welcomed his first child with fiancé Aree Gearhart in July. He shares three more kids — Pearl, Andy and Minnie — with ex Lisa Stelly.
While Ozzy might not be excited about ditching his LA roots, he is thrilled to get back on stage after undergoing a “life-altering” surgery in June.
The rocker performed for the first time in years at the Commonwealth Games’ closing ceremony in August and at a Los Angeles Rams football game the following month — lighting a new fire under the musician.
“I’m determined to get back on the stage again,” he told the outlet, adding that while he won’t be doing “nine-month tours anymore,” his dream is to keep performing.
“I’m still in recovery, and I have a goal. And my goal is to get back onstage. It’s the driving force in me. I miss my audience. I miss doing gigs. I miss my crew. I miss my band. I miss the whole thing.”
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