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ANI | Updated: May 09, 2022 16:16 IST
New Delhi [India], May 9 (ANI/Oswaal Books): The NTA or National Testing Agency had previously set the last date of registration for NEET UG 2022 as May 6th, 2022, but it has now been extended till May 15th. The interested candidates who missed the deadline due to several reasons are rejoicing in the second chance.
However, while the latest NTA notification brought a wave of happiness, it didn’t last very long for all aspirants. Because of the gravity of the NEET UG 2022 exam, the stress and the anxiety of preparation, and the worry about whether one will be able to crack the NEET UG 2022 exams persist.
The NEET UG 2022 exam will be conducted on July 17th, 2022. NEET UG 2022, or the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test 2022, is one of the premium entrance examinations in India for students willing to get admission into the best medical colleges.
Cracking this exam is a necessary factor if you’re willing to see yourself as a doctor in the future. The exam is challenging because it is designed to bring the best out of the aspirants and filter the most eligible students to get admission into MBBS and equivalent medical courses.
The exam duration will be 3 hours and 20 minutes, and it will be held offline. The candidates will be served with 3 sections in the NEET UG 2022 examination – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (a combination of questions from Botany and Zoology). Preparations for challenging tests like NEET UG 2022 will require a lot beyond determination and hard work. So, we present to you the best tips and tricks to help you prepare efficiently and increase your scores.
Rank Booster Tips for NEET UG 2022-
Understand the Syllabus:
It is important to get familiarized with the syllabus and paper pattern of the NEET UG 2022 examination. This will help you create a study plan that works and serves as the primary step to prepare for NEET UG 2022 and crack it. To have better understanding of syllabus, aspirants can also go with Oswaal NEET UG Solved Papers For 2022 Exam. Students will get different learning aspects from this:
-Chapter-wise and Topic-wise presentation
-Latest NEET Question Paper 2021- Fully solved
-Previous Years’ (1988-2021) Exam Questions to facilitate focused study
-Mind Map: A single page snapshot of the entire chapter for longer retention
-Revision Notes: Concept based study material
-Analytical Report: Unit-wise questions distribution in each subject
-Two SQPs based on the latest pattern

-Trend Analysis: Chapter-wise

Here is the recommended link forNEET UG Solved Papers Chapter-wise for Exam 2022,
Prioritize NCERT
Many students ignore the importance of NCERT textbooks when preparing for NEET UG 2022. When you don’t prioritize the NCERT syllabus, you have no clue how much you are missing out on. NCERT books are the best place to begin your studies since they will provide you with a good grasp of concepts. It’s also worth mentioning that NCERT books account for 60-70 percent of the NEET UG 2022 exam.
Keeping concepts clear
If the concepts are clear, it is easier to solve tricky questions, especially from complex physics and chemistry topics. One fantastic way to keep your concepts clear is by reading a lot. Another effective way is to ask questions and queries to your teachers and mentors from day 1.
Managing time
Not only does the appropriate strategy matter when deciding the exam outcomes, but so does time management. You won’t have enough time to tackle the easy problems if you spend too much time on the ones that make you uncomfortable. As a result, practice enough to swiftly adjust to the role’s level and respond quickly. Additionally, come up with a reasonable and practical timetable to balance between subjects and the other aspects of the day.
Take care of your mental health
Preparing for competitive examinations like NEET UG 2022 can be mentally draining for students. You have to constantly fight the negative feelings, fear, and anxiety associated with appearing for NEET UG 2022. Therefore, make sure you have a robust support system in place and do small activities after fixed intervals to refresh your mind and study better.
Effective revision strategies
When the time is rushing, revision is the most critical factor that affects your performance. Continue to go over previously studied subjects and chapters and revise them to ensure that you remember them for a longer time. If you have trouble memorizing formulas, write them down and go over them again every day.
Analyze your strengths and weaknesses
When studying for NEET UG 2022, you should be aware of the difficulty level of each topic and allocate your time accordingly. For example, some students might be good at Biology; others might ace Physics. Organizing the topics and units by difficulty level can assist you in determining which ones require more time and practice. In addition, it will help you inadequately prioritizing your tasks so that you do not waste time.
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