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It may help you work toward your own web dev business.
Entry-level programmer salaries can reach $80,000+, which could make hiring a pro out of reach if your business’s budget is tight. Why not tap into your scrappy entrepreneurial vibe and try learning to code yourself?
While that may not be a great long-term plan, it could get you headed in the right direction and prolong some expensive overhead spending. It might even be fun if you give it a whirl with a robotics kit. Petoi Bittle is a palm-sized programmable robot dog. You can use Scratch, C++, and Python to teach it to walk, run, and do tricks, and you could uncover a hidden talent.
Petoi Bittle is suitable for adults or young learners. You can get it as a kit you’d have to assemble or as a pre-assembled dog ready to have new tricks programmed into it. If you envision your business working with hardware, it may be useful to try assembling Bittle’s five-component system.
Completely new to coding? Scratch can be a great place to start. Once you’ve got that down, then move on to C++ for more advanced commands before ultimately learning Python, the most popular coding language. If coding skills come naturally, you could kick things up a notch with AI by incorporating your own Raspberry Pi connection (not included with the kit).
Whether you need to learn coding to take the next steps for your business, you want to learn more about programming so you’re more informed while hiring a developer, or you’re looking for an activity to take your mind off of work, this Kickstarter-funded programmable dog is worth a second look. Get the assembly-required Petoi Bittle Robotics Kit for $329, or pick up the pre-assembled kit for $339.
Prices subject to change.
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