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This mini robot arm could be the start of your robotics business.
A robotics education isn’t inexpensive, and prospective automation engineers could expect tuition prices that go up to $21,000 a year. That’s a steep investment though the payout potential is high.
If you’ve dreamed of starting a robotics-based business and are successful, you could land yourself a piece of the pie in aerospace, automotive, and textile industries, among others. Take that first step with a mini robot arm kit that can help you learn the basics of precision robotics movements.
Automation robotics is a growing area of expertise, and the opportunities for robotics engineers and founders can only expand. As a robotics expert, you could position your company in multiple industries, or you could fly solo as a robotics consultant. Either way, you could get your start by learning to program this compact automation arm with Python, G code, Blockly, Scratch, and more.
The Mirobot functions like a real industrial robot pendant. It is a highly precise machine with 0.2mm repeated positioning accuracy. It has six-axis freedom of movement that would work well on a production line in an industrial setting, but you can use it for simple practice tasks. The kit has several adjustable grippers, including a pneumatic set for gripping and suction. Control the robot arm using the included Bluetooth controller, your computer, or your smartphone.
Though Mirobot can only manage a payload up to 400g, it may still be an excellent learning tool for prospective robotics engineers. Use it as an introduction to the field or a hands-on way to experiment during your ongoing education.
Whether you’re freelance or enterprise, a future in robotics requires significant training and experience. Start getting both with the WLKATA Mirobot 6-Axis Mini Robot Arm while it’s on sale for $1,757 (reg. $1,850).
Prices subject to change.
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