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Bill Moseley, Lauren LaVera, Julian Curtis and Jeremy Rudd have claimed roles in director Joe Lam’s horror movie, ‘The Fetus.’ The movie, set for release next year, follows a story of a couple, Chris, played by Julian Curtis, and Alessa, played by Lauren LaVera, on their quest for truth.
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Chris and Alessa are an expecting duo, but their pregnancy is anything but ordinary. The couple struggles to learn the truth about the origin of their unborn child, a demonic entity that grows inside Alessa while trying to keep this information from the ‘evil father-in-law,’ Alessa’s dad (Maddox). Maddox disapproves of Chris from the get-go, as he doesn’t think Chris is a suitable match for his daughter, and with a supernatural entity growing inside her, this isn’t a moment Alessa wants to share with him. So Alessa hides the news from her dad, fearing that he will try to have her child sacrificed.

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The Fetus has cast members that are well versed in the horror genre. Lauren LeVera (Terrifier 2), Bill Moseley (House of 1000 Corpses), Julian Curtis (Are You Afraid of the Dark) and Jeremy Rudd (The Cabin House). Bill Moseley is credited for being in over 100 horror films throughout his 40-year career as an actor.
Speaking more about the film and his character in a recent interview, Jeremy expressed his gratitude to the team behind The Fetus, stating that this is a project he couldn’t wait to share with the world. “I got to learn a lot from the other cast members, experience firsthand how they prepare for scene and get into the role mindset to explicitly portray these characters,” said Jeremy Rudd.
The Fetus is written by award-winning writer, director, and the owner of Shining Light Pictures, Joe Lam. Joe Lam has claimed his spot in the film and entertainment industries. He has worked on numerous documentaries, music videos, and narrative films, including The Hospital Cure: Transforming Health Care in Rural America and Fugitive Zero. In addition, Joe Lam has won Best Director and Best Documentary for his documentary, Project Triumph. He has also won Best Romantic Comedy, Our Story, and Special Jury prizes for his thesis film Blood Ties.
While Joe Lam is the producer of The Fetus, he worked alongside Joe Barbagallo, Karrie Hung, Yuke Li, Jeremy Rudd, Nathan Rudd, Brent Trotter, and Calvin Wu to bring this fantastic piece to fruition. The team completed filming in August and now gears up for its release, which is scheduled for mid/late next year.
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