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Immotor Bay portable power station
A majority of supposedly portable power solutions currently on the market offer huge amounts of battery power in heavy and bulky enclosures similar in size to old-school generators. If you are searching for something a little more refined and lightweight to take on your camping trips or outdoor adventures, yet still capable of providing plenty of charging options and power, you may be interested in the new stylish IMMOTOR BAY portable power station range unveiled this month.

From its rounded corners, minimalist design and range of colorful finishes to its wireless charging plate situated on the top the BAY, the innovative solutions offer a unique perspective on portable charging. Launched via an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign this week the BAY is the latest portable power station from IMMOTOR is now available to back with early bird pledges starting from just $455 for the BAY500 or $974 for the larger capacity BAY1000.
The BAY500 power station is currently available in a United States version, while the BAY1000 is available in versions for the United States, Europe and United Kingdom
Immotor Bay styling
The stylish portable power stations are available in several color options, including Mountain Green, Glacier Silver, Space Grey, Shell White and Rose Red. For more information on the new range of power stations check out the promotional and demonstration video below to learn more about what you can expect from their features and functionality.
Available in two different capacities depending on your needs, the development team at IMMOTOR has created the 540Wh and 1000Wh systems. The IMMOTOR BAY offers a lightweight portable power solution which features pass through charging technology with both AC and DC connections. With the most compact BAY 500 power station weighing just 15lbs or 6.8Kg the range features integrated carrying handles and the BAY 500 is light enough to be carried in one hand. Perfect for a wide variety of different power applications. Whether you are camping outdoors, in your backyard or experiencing power outages, the BAY offers a versatile solution to help keep your electronic devices charged wherever you may be.

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Equipped with a variety of input and output options as well as the ability to be charged via solar panels, the BAY power station range comes complete with its own smartphone companion application allowing you to monitor its power levels, charging status and more from the palm of your hand.
Thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity within the power station, using the IMMOTOR BAY companion application is easy and it’s available for both Android and iOS devices. Enabling you to adjust and control outputs, access accurate charging and discharging stats and control ambient lighting and even link to the companies NFT marketplace.
From the main screen of the companion app you can view the total output and input and turn on USB, DC, AC, ambient light, LED systems and more with a quick swipe of the touchscreen buttons. The development team at IMMOTOR are also integrating more features which they say will be rolled out regularly to the software via app store updates.
Let’s inspect both power stations and what they offer users.
The smaller IMMOTOR BAY 500 portable power station weighs approximately 6.8kg or 15lbs and measures 230 mm x 190 mm x 57 mm in size making it extremely portable. It is equipped with wireless charging and dual AC ports and has a rating of 500W, making it perfect for camping trips or emergency power in your vehicle or home. Featuring an EV standard battery cell and BMS the fanless design of the power station creates 0dB of noise during operation and has a 1,000+ charge life-cycle and features a 18650 NCM battery with a capacity of 542.9Wh.
The BAY 500 features 300W maximum charging input using the DC adapter and dual 100w USB-C and the AC charging with AC-DC adapter offers 100W and solar charging at 100W max using the 18V~24V built-in MPPT. The USB-C output offers a maximum of 100W and AC output is provided via two 500W rated 100~120V US outlets. Wireless charging is also available on the top of the station, offering 15W of power and DC output is available via two USB-A providing 18W maximum and two USB-C ports offering a maximum of 100W.
The larger IMMOTOR BAY 1000 portable power station weighs 11kg or 24lbs and measures 325 mm x 230 mm x 167 mm in size and offers a 1200W PCS power output. Featuring 1,000W AC fast charging technology. Equipped with a 18650 NCM battery offering a capacity of 1,023Wh, the BAY 1000 as with the smaller 500 offers a life-cycle of over 1,000+ recharges and is available in three different color options, Mountain Green, Glacier Silver and Space Grey.
The BAY 1000 features a 1000W AC Charging input and can also be charge using the companies 200W solar panels offering 18V~24V with build-in MPPT or any other compatible solar panels you may already own. Similar to the 500, the BAY 1000 has a USB-C output at a maximum of 100W as is the Car Charging and offers AC output via two US standard outlets with a higher rating of 1200W and 2000W surge, 100~120V.
Again 15W wireless charging has been included making it easy to charge your mobile devices by simply placing them on the top of the power station. DC output is available via two USB-A offering 18W maximum and four USB-C ports, twice that of the BAY 500 offering a maximum of 100W and a single DC (12V) 5521 cigarette port connection is also available allowing you to quickly power devices designed for vehicles.
Both portable power stations are equipped with intelligent ambient lighting systems and an LED emergency light.
The unique charging process of the IMMOTOR BAY range of power stations is powered by blockchain technologies and features “cutting-edge web 3.0 technologies endorsed by blockchain technology” say the company’s engineers.
Immotor Bay solar panel charging 2
Using the companies 100W folding solar panel system providing 100W at 18V you can recharge your power station using the abundant and free energy source provided by the sun. Unfolded the four solar panels array measure 1685 mm x 525 mm and when folded the panels have a footprint of just 525 mm x 350 mm making them extremely portable. Weighing 5.2 kg the solar panels are equipped with a USB-A port and cigarette port offering 18V and 5.55A.
IMMOTOR was founded back in 2015 and quickly made headlines launching the world’s most intelligent electric scooter in the form of the IMMOTOR GO. Since then the company has developed its technologies to create the IMMOTOR OUTDOOR power series product range and has this month launched their latest creations as the IMMOTOR BAY 500 and BAY 1000 making them available via Indiegogo at limited time discounted prices.
For more information on all the early bird pledges currently available while the crowd funding campaign is underway and full specifications on both of the uniquely stylish lightweight portable power stations, jump over to the official Indiegogo campaign page.
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