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Do you want to learn how to win the Yeti Hunter Mode in Overwatch 2? Overwatch 2 is the sequel to the popular hero-shooter online multiplayer by Blizzard Entertainment. It has inherited several renowned events, including the returning Winter Wonderland.
Winter Wonderland features several fun match modes, including the Snowball Deathmatch. Yet another exciting match is Yeti Hunter mode, in which you can play as the Hunter or the Yeti, either choosing Mei in a team of five or as Winston, who transforms into a Yeti. This guide will show you how to win the Yeti Hunter Mode in Overwatch 2.
There are two options you can choose when starting the Yeti Hunter match. If you select Mei, you will be a hunter, teamed up with four other Mei’s hunting for the mysterious beast.
To win the Yeti Hunter Mode as Mei, the essential thing in the match is to be a team player. So, the moment you see a Yeti, ping the location to inform other Meis in the game. Don’t go solo into the fight.
via Blizzard Entertainment
Now, attack the Yeti together, as it will be harder for the Yeti to escape and retaliate. Winston will transform into a Yeti in Overwatch 2 once four pieces of meat are eaten. Keep track of how many pieces of meat he has eaten, which is shown in the top right corner of your screen.
Before the transformation, be more aggressive, place traps at places where meat spawns, and keep your distance from Winston, as he can jump at you with an active Primal Rage, and you don’t want that.
Now, if you play as Winston and become a Yet in Overwatch 2, you will want to follow these tricks and tips to win the Yeti Hunter Mode.
via Blizzard Entertainment
Your best chance to win the Yeti Hunter Mode playing as a Yeti is to find four pieces of meat as soon as possible. You will find meat at these locations:
These two pieces will respawn, so choose your strategy wisely. Don’t eat all four pieces at once, wait for some Mei’s to come at you, and only then eat the fourth piece of meat. This will transform you into a Yeti, and from that point on, you are just two taps away from securing an elimination.
Overwatch 2 is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.
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