How to Make Face Swap Videos

How to Make Face Swap Videos

Today internet is being used all over the world, you can talk to any person sitting from one corner of the world to another. The Internet has progressed a lot since its birth. Internet is being used in many fields, one of which is entertainment.

Today, we have many entertainment items available with us, one of which is our smartphone, with the help of which you can do many things, but some mischief is also necessary with work.

If you don’t even know what is acting and you want to become an actor, then I have a solution for this. Just joking friends.

But what I am going to tell you next is not a joke because Here we will tell you How to Make Face Swap Videos and change face in any videos.

So, let’s get started with today’s trick’s title With the title of the post is How to Make Face Swap Videos

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How to Make Face Swap Videos

Nowadays everyone is spending more and more time on the internet in lockdown. In the lockdown, the app developers are also making unique apps and improving the quality of their apps also.

FaceApp was very popular, in which you could swap each other’s face but today we will tell you about Reface app will introduce you separately, Whose name is Reface app? If you have been following the internet for a long time then you must have seen many people using this app on your social media, like getting an Oscar by putting your face on a clip of a celebrity.

All this is done by an A. I (a deep and accurate copying technique) that this app developers have done after doing a lot of research. With the help of refacing you can make a short video clip by putting your face in any short clip.                           

About Reface App

How to Make Face Swap Videos: Reface App

REFACE APP has also recently been bonded with DOUBLICAT. In REFACE APP you can swap faces by creating photos or gifs from your mobile camera.

This APP uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to give users a good experience and a good experience so that you can swipe your face on the video you want to The perfect swap can be made on that video or gif. When you see this result for the first time, you will also say that this is a very surprising app.

How to Make Face Swap Videos in Android/IOS

This app is available for both platforms Android and iOS. You can download and install this app through your own app store. Below we have given links for both operating systems. you Can download the app by clicking the links.  

For Android:

You can download this app for Android using this link click here. Note: Download the face app with provided links Because if you download from the play store then you have to use google play balance to open this app so please download the app with the provided link to replace the faces.  

For IOS:

Like Android OS, it is also available on iOS, which you can install by visiting Apple App Store, for which a link is given below, by clicking on that link you can easily install this certified application from App Store directly on your smartphone. You can download this app using this link click here.

Queries about Reface Aapp

Is Reface app is secure? The policy of the app states that the app collects different facial features “from your photos to give a good experience to the users” but this app does not misuse your photos or videos.

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Also, this applies to your uploaded content The policy says that does not use for face recognition also states. The Reface is also adamant that the service it provides does not use facial recognition, saying that it collects “face feature features” Which is not biometric data. 

So, friends, I hope that this post will be liked by all of you, in this post I have told you that you can easily swap your face in any video using Reface face-swapping app, then definitely share this post with your friends and family members.


Reface App is a very good application on which you can trust because it does not misuse the content uploaded by you. You can download this application for free on both Play Store and Apple App Store and share the output given by it on any social media platform but it is an AI-based application on which swap faces using machine learning, its output may also contain errors and also do not misuse this application use it only for fun.

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