Recently deleted some files from your computer or laptop, And now want to Fix Broken Registry, then this post can help you solve your problem. Read this step-by-step guide on How to Fix Broken Registry Items and stop them from being slow down your PC.

How to Fix Broken Registry Items

How to Fix Broken Registry Items

The software uses the Windows registry to save the changes made inside it by the user (Features that a user can customize on the UI) when you customize any software according to your wish, like changing the size of the layout according to your need or customizing some default settings, etc.

So then, How the software remembers these settings? Factually the data of these settings are converted into coded files saved as a Windows registry on that PC.

Windows Registry contains necessary information and settings in the suitable computer language. Whenever the user opens the Software, the installed windows version will deliver the data according to the saved registry by the software. The software can automatically adjust itself as it was customized earlier by the user using Windows Registries.

Softwares use Windows Registry to give a fantastic & better experience to the user. So The changes made by the users on the software do not require to be done again and again whenever the user opens the software on the PC.

Still, there is not mandatory for the software to only use Windows Registry to save these settings.

Many software creates their registries in XML File format to save the settings made by their users. Many software saves their user’s data by creating these registries themselves, but most software uses Windows registries.

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When you delete any software from the PC, that software and its internal files are deleted, but some registries remain in your computer even after deleting that software. These registries are called Broken Registries.

But, If you haven’t deleted any software, and facing some errors or warnings while using any software, then the cause of these errors can be broken registries.

These broken Registries can occur in your computer due to many factors as an error or warning when you have accidentally edited a file of the software in your Windows or any fault in the hardware, or suddenly Manually terminating any action in the computer that could cause damage to the computer or deleting a vital software file, etc.

These broken Registries files on your computer are like junk, which has neither any use nor any purpose. Due to these registries, your computer or laptop can be slow down because these files take up unwanted space in your storage.

So, How to Fix Broken Registry Items, To get rid of these broken registries and avoid them slowing down your PC, You can remove them from your PC. But there are some other methods also, but what are these methods? To know more about applying these methods on your PC, we have prepared a guide on How to Fix Broken Registry Items without facing any problems.

But before moving further, you should know why you need to fix broken registries on your PC and what things you should remember before setting or making any modifications to it.

Why do you need to fix broken registries on Your PC

Facing any problem while running any software on your Windows or facing problems in your operating system itself may be due to broken registries that also affect your computer’s performance.

Even after deleting any software, many of its registries are not deleted from the computer. It is necessary to remove these broken registries as they take up extra space on your computer’s storage drive and reduce your computer’s life span.

Because of these reasons, it is necessary to remove the broken registers from the computer. But before removing broken registries, you have to keep some things in mind for your computer.

First of all, take a backup of your computer so that you can restore it due to any malfunction in your computer. If you do not do this, your Windows operating system may crash or be permanently corrupted due to the registry being deleted, after which you will not be able to access all your important files present in it, so to avoid any such problem. Make sure to take a complete backup of your computer.

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Now you are ready to clean your computer by fixing/removing broken registries. Below you can read all the ways on How to Fix Broken Registry Items.

How to Fix Broken Registry Items: All Ways

1. How to Fix Broken Registry Items By Restoring Registry Backup

Backing up important things on your computer is an excellent habit. If you also do this, you can eliminate sudden problems or errors in your computer in a few minutes. You will need a registry backup to use our first method so that we can fix broken registries. You cannot apply this method without any registry backup. If you have a backup of the registries, then you can proceed further.

The registry backup file will appear with the extension of the .reg file. With the help of this extension, you can easily remember which file is a registry backup file.

How to Fix Broken Registry Items: Complete Guide

To fix a broken registry, firstly open the directory, where the registry backup file is saved. Double click on the file using your mouse. Now the Registry Editor will ask you to open itself and Restore the Backup file on your computer, choose “Yes.”

How to Fix Broken Registry Items: Complete Guide

Now, wait for some time until the backup restoring is completed. If everything goes well, then all of the broken registries will be get fixed. But keep in mind that if you have broken registries in your backup, you cannot fix this issue. Your backup registry file must be correct so that Backup. Reg file can repair the corrupt registries present in your computer.

But if you don’t see any changes on your computer, it would be because your Backup file is not correct; it may have some broken registries. You can try other methods in place of this method.

2. How to Fix Broken Registry Items By Using (SFC) tool to Repair System Files

System File Checker or SFC is used to find or fix corrupt files or broken registries in Windows-powered devices. Using the System File Checker tool, you can scan your PC and find the cause of errors or malfunctions. SFC finds corrupt registries and replaces them with a fresh copy of the registry. You can access this tool by command prompt or Windows Powershell(Admin).

1.Command prompt

  • Please move your mouse cursor to the Windows start menu, and right-click on it. From the shown menu, select Command prompt(Admin) or search command prompt on the search tab.
  • Click on the typable area, type or paste this code sfc /scannow and click on the Enter button to start the windows scan.
How to Fix Broken Registry Items: Complete Guide

2. Windows Powershell(Admin)

  • On the Windows start menu, right-click from your mouse, select Windows Powershell(Admin) From the shown menu, or you can search Windows Powershell on the search tab.
  • Here paste or type this code sfc /scannow and hit the enter button to start the scanning process.
How to Fix Broken Registry Items: Complete Guide

Note: Open or Run Windows Powershell or command prompt only as Windows Administrator. This SFC code will not work.

3. How to Fix Broken Registry Items By Using Windows Automatic Repair Tool

In every version of Windows, you get to see new advanced tools and settings. There are many such settings available in Windows 10 as well. One of these is Windows Automatic Repair, with the help of which you can automatically repair the problems occurring in Windows. With the help of this feature, we can also fix the broken registry to some extent. Let’s know-How.

  • Search for Settings on your windows, or right-click on the Start menu and select Settings from the shown menu.
  • Here, you will see all the settings of your windows device, click on the “Update & Security” option.
  • On the left sidebar, click on the “Recovery” option, and click on Advance startup to open the windows recovery options.
  • Your PC will will boot on “Advance” options, Click on Startup repair, after some time it will ask you to log-in to your microsoft account, fill up the credentials to move further in the process.

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The PC will take some time to detect and solute the problem. If it finds some problems or broken registries, the Windows Automatic Repair tool will automatically fix all issues to some extent.

4. How to Fix Broken Registry Items Using Disk Cleanup

Like all essential features, using the Disk Cleanup tool, you can clean your windows disk by removing unnecessary items or files available on your PC. This tool comes preinstalled with Windows. You will not need to download it from anywhere. Disk Clean-up first finds files that are no longer usable for the user and removes them permanently, But our problem is How to Fix Broken Registry Items, don’t worry. It will also remove broken registries from your PC & make your PC clean.

  • Open the search tab, and search Disk Cleanup, from the search click on Disk Cleanup App.
How to Fix Broken Registry Items: Complete Guide
  • It will ask you to select the drive you want to clean up, turn by turn select all the drives available on the PC. (You should clean up your C Drive first)
How to Fix Broken Registry Items: Complete Guide
  • The Windows will automatically select the files, that should be removed but if your Recycle bin contains files that are necessary, then deselect it & click on the “Clean up system files” button.
How to Fix Broken Registry Items: Complete Guide

It will remove the selected unnecessary files (Also, Broken registries available on the PC). But if you want to see files that the software will delete from your PC, click on the View button.

5. How to Fix Broken Registry Items Using DISM Tool

If the System File Checker did not solve your problem, you could use Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool to find and fix broken registries. This tool is the same as the SFC tool. It can be accessible from the command prompt(Admin) or Windows PowerShell(Admin).

To use this tool, open command prompt(Admin) or Windows PowerShell(Admin) & paste or type this code DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth, and press the Enter button. Now it will automatically replace broken files or registries.

How to Fix Broken Registry Items: Complete Guide

6.How to Fix Broken Registry Items Using a Registry Cleaner

You can also use third-party Registry cleaner Softwares to fix broken registries. Registries cleaner claims that they will fix or remove all the broken files & registries that are no longer needed on the PC. This Registry cleaner works great for COM-based software. There is multiple software available online. Some of them are fake and infected with malware. Still, if you find a perfect Registry Cleaner for your PC, you can use Restoro, Malwarebytes, CCleaner. But before making any changes using a Registry cleaner, backup all the files available on your PC.

7. How to Fix Broken Registry Items by Resetting the Windows

If you have tried all the ways to remove or fix broken registries, but any of the methods did not work for you, then ultimately, only one method remains, which is resetting your Windows 10. Resetting your Windows will delete all the software and broken files from the PC except your files. Let’s show you How to Fix Broken Registry Items by resetting your Windows.

  • Right-click on the start menu and select the Settings option from the menu or you can open it by searching on the search tab.
  • From all the shown options, select “Update & Security”.
  • On the left sidebar, you will see some important options related to Windows security & Optimization, choose Recovery from the options.
  • Under Recovery, you will see “Reset this PC”, click on Get started.
  • A prompt will appear, Here you will see two options Keep My Files & Remove everything. (If you want to keep your personal information on your PC then select Keep My Files or If you want to fully reset Windows then select the second one)
How to Fix Broken Registry Items: Complete Guide
  • It will ask you from where you want to install the windows, select according to your choice. Windows will show you a warning, read it carefully, and click on the Next button.
  • On the final prompt click on the Next button, to Rest your Windows.

Now, You have successfully reset your Windows without facing any difficulty. You will not need to find more solutions for How to Fix Broken Registry Items.

After resetting your Windows, it will also delete all the available files, Broken Registries, applications, personal data (When you select the Remove everything option). So take a complete backup of your device before fully resetting it or making any changes on the registry. Don’t face any further problems related to Broken Registries.

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