If you are troubled by Facebook’s syncing unwanted contacts to your iPhone and want to remove these contacts from your device, then read this ultimate step-by-step guide on How To delete Facebook contacts on iPhone.

How To delete Facebook contacts on iPhone

How To delete Facebook contacts on iPhone

Facebook has huge popularity in the world. In today’s world, more than 2 billion-plus people using Facebook. cause so many users I think many peoples from you must be using Facebook

But When you install Facebook on your smartphone, this application comes with a feature in which all your Facebook contact can be sync to your iPhone, so this is a feature that can be helpful for some users But this feature can cause trouble for some users, so if you want to know How to delete Facebook contacts on iPhone, then after reading this post you can solve your query.

To remove these synced contacts of Facebook, you do not get to see any such option on Facebook, but with the help of some methods you can delete these contacts and there are also other ways that you can disallow Facebook’s permission to use contacts and can remove these unwanted contacts from your iPhone.

How To delete Facebook contacts on iPhone

To remove Facebook contacts from your iPhone, you can follow the step-by-step guide given below. We have provided two methods here.

The first method is how to delete Facebook contacts on iPhone using iPhone’s Settings and the second method is where we will tell you how to hide Facebook contacts.

Using the first method you can easily remove unwanted contacts from iPhone settings and using the second method you can hide these contacts using some tricks. 

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How To delete Facebook contacts on iPhone by disalowing Contacts Permission

  1. On your iPhone’s Home Screen click on Settings.
  2. After Clicking on Settings do scroll down and click on Facebook.
  3. Now a new Page will pop out, Now Scroll Down and toggle off “Contacts”.

After following all these steps, You will never see Facebook’s contacts on your iPhone because you have denied the permission of Facebook’s reach to your iPhones Contacts So they will never sync to your Smartphone Contacts.

After disallowing Facebook’s permission to reach your contacts but they still are stored on your Facebook account and you can see them on your Facebook Application.

How To delete Facebook contacts on iPhone by hiding

If you want contacts not to sync to your smartphone from your Facebook And if you do not want to use the first tip, then through this second trick, you can easily remove the contacts in your iPhone.

  1. Firstly open iPhone’s “Contacts” Application
  2. At the top left corner do click on the “Groups” Button In front of the “+” sign
  3. Now click on the “Hide all contacts” Button at the top of the screen Screen.

    4. A new screen will pop out, Now choose from which location do you want to get phone contacts like:- “I Cloud” or        “Facebook” but now we only want contacts from “I Cloud” rather than “Facebook”. So we will choose only “I Cloud” not “Facebook”. Choose from the given two options.

After using this second method, all the contacts that have been synced to your smartphone from Facebook will not be visible in your contacts app.

If you use this method, you can see more options on your mobile such as – Google Drive, Hotmail, etc. which you can also choose because our purpose is only to hide the contacts that came in your phone from Facebook.

How To delete Facebook contacts on iPhone by deleting your Facebook Account

This is an accurate way through which you can hide or delete all the contacts of Facebook’s unnecessary contacts in just one click and in this way Facebook will not be able to access any of your data.

  1. To delete your Facebook account Firstly open the Facebook Application.
  2. At the bottom right corner tap on the three lines
  3. Tap on the “Settings & Privacy” option and after this tap on “Settings”.
  4. Now scroll down until you see “Account Ownership and Control” and click on it.
  5. Tap on the “Deactivation and Deletion” option.

6. Here you will see two options in which your account will be temporally deactivated by selecting the first option but your account will not be deleted. After selecting the second option, your account will be permanently deleted from Facebook, and Facebook will not be able to access any of your data.

Note: I do not recommend this method because using this method your account is permanently removed from the database of Facebook and all your photos, videos, etc. whatever you have posted on Facebook, all those things will be also deleted from your account, Use any method at your own risk.

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