How to Change Steam Username [2021]: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Are you Stuck on changing Steam Username? & Wanted to know How to Change Steam Username forever. This guide will help you get out of this problem.

How to Change Steam Username: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Steam is an online gaming platform where players can access a multitude of games. Steam is an amazing gaming platform originally launched as a digital game downloading website for all video game lovers.

It has since grown to include software distribution, social networking services, and other features. Steam has shown excellent growth, which is not slowing down, and also it is increasing day by day.

Players can also create an account on the Steam platform, assigning them a Profile of Steam with a default username or profile name.

Some people have found that they want to change their username or profile name because they want to change their identity on steam. Also, it has become too uncommon for them to use that username now, and they want to give themselves a new personal identity.

But before going further, keep in mind that to change or modify any information of your Steam account, you should have proper access to that Steam account. If the account is not reachable to you, you can’t modify any settings of your Steam account. Now moving further, Below, you can read a step-by-step guide on How to Change Steam Username.

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But First, you have to understand some things before going further. If you want to change your Steam ID, which some people call account name which will look like this ” STEAM_0:1:1234567”.

Some people think that steam id & steam username are the same, but they are totally different. Both of these ids are assigned by Steam.

But you can change your Username on steam but can’t change your steam id because steam does not allow users to modify or change their steam id. So all you will be able to do is change your steam username, which you can learn by following the guide on how to change Steam username.

How to Change Steam Username

To find any user on Steam, you will need their Steam username or profile name. Using this id, you can easily find any user without scrolling the search results on steam without wasting your hours. If you want to change your Steam username or profile name, you can do so because Steam allows you to change your Steam profile name, which is the same id using anyone can find you.

  • 1. Firstly open the official website of steam on your computer or you can download and install the steam client on your computer.
  • 2. After opening the official website or its client on your computer, log in with the correct username and password and click on the Login button to move to the further steps.
  • 3. Now click on your Profile Name>> Click on “View My Profile”.
How to Change Steam Username: Ultimate Beginners Guide
  • 4. Now click on “Edit Profile” You can find this under “Level”. Here under general settings you can see your “Profile Name” Just click on it and replace it with your new username, that you want to give and scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Save” button. 
How to Change Steam Username: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Or you can click on your profile name shown on the top right corner of your screen. A submenu will open. Select “View my Profile.”

Now the profile page will open up on your screen. Just click on “Edit Profile,” which will be located under the “Level” Bar. Choose the “General Tab”.

Here you can change your steam profile name. Once you select the right profile name for your account, scroll down and click on the “Save” button To change your old profile name with the new profile name.

So, now you have changed your old profile name to the new one. If you have followed the guide correctly, your profile name will be get changed.

Now your friends or other steam users can see your changed username and easily find you and connect with you on steam.

How to Change Steam ID if you don’t want to change the username

Steam ID is a 17-digit unique ID that is given to every User who joins Steam. Steam only gives this ID, so you cannot change it according to your own.

Whenever a user creates his account on Steam, he is given an exemption to change his profile name. Every user can choose any profile name of their mind. There can be two or more users with the same profile name on Steam.

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You know why this is possible, let me tell you. In Steam, each user is given his 17-digit unique Steam ID so that Steam can understand and remember each user,

and every user can edit their profile as per their wish; they can change their profile name, country, nickname, etc. So because it is a unique id given only by Steam, you cannot change it. This id cannot be changed in any case, even if you talk to Steam Customer Care.

Other ways to Change Steam ID

But if you want to change your steam id in any case, then you can delete your old steam account associated with your steam account and create a new account, but it will not be so easy because if you delete your steam account once, then Steam will delete your account from its database and

Also, you will not be able to recover it in any case. Along with the games present in it, the game keys you would have redeemed will all be deleted, which is not a good thing. But if you don’t have anything like these kinds of stuff in your Steam account, you can try this method to get a new steam id.

  1. Open the Steam client application on your computer, it will show you a dialog box where you have to fill in sign-in info. sign-in on the client application using the correct details.
  2. On the top right corner of your Steam client application, you will see your profile name then just click on your profile name.
  3. After clicking on the Profile name, select “Account Details” from the drop-down menu shown on your computer’s screen.
  4. Select Account Details and scroll down to the bottom.
  5. Here you will see “Delete my Steam account“, Just click on it and delete your old account.

Once if you delete your account, you cannot recover or access it. After deleting the old steam account, you have to create a new account To get a new Steam ID and a new steam account. Below you can read about How to change steam username by creating a new Steam account.

  1. Open the Steam client application or open your web browser and open this website or type on the search tab of the browser.
  2. On the new page fill up your email address, on both fields, Fill in the email address that you can access. 
  3. Now choose your Country of Residence from the given countries.
  4. Fill up the “I am not a robot” captcha box.
  5. Now check the box that says ” I am 13 years of age or older and agree to the terms”
  6. Scroll down and click Continue.

Final Thoughts:-

First of all, we have told you about how to change steam username by following a short and working step-by-step guide. But if you want to change your steam id, then it is not possible.

You can only change your username, but if you want to change your steam id in any case, then you can create a new account after deleting your old steam account, but here comes an issue that is very important to know.

We have told you all of the information you will have to know to change your steam username in this blog post if you face any problem in applying any of these methods told in this post. You can contact us using our contact us page or write your question in the comment box. We will definitely reply as soon as possible.

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