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Islets serves up one of the most chaotic fights in the game with the ClockMaker.
The bosses of Islets can be some of the most exciting encounters in the game, whether they're satisfying challenges or chances to flex your supreme platforming skills. One of these is the ClockMaker, a cat with some tricks up his sleeve that will ruin your day.
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With an arena unlike any other, decked out with moving platforms that periodically get destroyed and a pit full of spikes, staying alive in this fight is easier said than done. It's a test of patience as much as it is a test of skill.
There's a lot going on in this fight – more than you're used to or will ever have to get used to. Luckily, the Clockmaker doesn't have that many attacks to compensate.
This is a tough fight. It involves a very delicate balance of offense and defense – you have a ton of hazards to avoid and no solid ground to work with, but the boss still needs to get beaten.
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