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Fall is the latest crime thriller series released on Disney+ Hotstar on 9th December 2022. It is directed by Siddarth Ramaswamy, who is also the cinematographer of this series and has been co-produced by Banijay Asia. The series is an adaptation of the award-winning Canadian series Vertige written by Michelle Allen and produced by Productions Pixcom Inc.
The cast of the series includes Anjali, SPB Charan, Sonia Agarwal, Santhosh Pratap, Namita Krishnamoorthy, Thalaivasal Vijay, and Poornima Bagyaraj. So far only 3 episodes have been released with a runtime of about 35-40 minutes. This Tamil thriller series follows the story of Divya, who loses her memory after an accident.
The official synopsis of the series reads:
An accident followed by memory loss has Divya trying to piece her life together. Will her near and dear ones support her quest for the truth?
-Fall Episode 1-3 Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers-
Fall follows the story of a young woman who has no memory of her life before her alleged suicide attempt. The show is about how she tries to piece together what happened only to realize she can trust no one, not even her closest friends and family as she discovers secrets, lies, and the unspeakable truth locked deep in her memory.
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The first episode is titled – Plunged into Darkness and briefly shows how Divya falls down from her balcony. It’s been six months since her fall, and she is still in a coma. Meanwhile, her brother Rohit wants to get off life support and with her ex-boyfriend Daniel, he tries to sell her sports centre. Upon hitting a roadblock, as he isn’t able to convince his father to sell, Rohit does the unthinkable.
The second episode is titled – Waking Up from the Abyss and as the name suggests, she does wake up from her months-long coma but she doesn’t remember anything and that relives everyone from her siblings to Daniel. This forms the main premise of the show, how will Divya figure out the reason behind her fall or will she encounter more life-threatening situations as she trudges towards the truth once again?
While the Canadian series was nominated for various awards, I doubt the same can be hoped for the remake series. Talking about the characters, there’s not one likeable character whom we would like to root for, not even Divya. No matter how much thriller or suspense you need to show in the story, the characters should be ambiguous and add to the confusion.
But the characters here act evil right from the start. Looking at Divya’s character as well, she looks like an indifferent and cold person who I won’t like to be around at all – maybe that’s why someone pushed her down. From the first episode to the third, nothing substantial has been revealed that hasn’t been made obvious in the first 20 minutes of the show.
The brother has money issues and can only think of making big bucks by selling the sports centre run by Divya, ex-boyfriend also wanted to sell the property to get in the good books of a Politician and the younger sister was jealous of her perfect life and definitely wanted to get on with the boyfriend. Now, if you will ask me who is the culprit then maybe I will guess that right as well. My bet is on the younger sister and her fall must have been an accident while fighting about something.
The initial three episodes have been quite underwhelming so far, with a new episode released every week, the revelations have to be some mind-altering things so that watching it is worthwhile. Otherwise, I would rather check out the original and see if it’s as bad as this, if yes, then I wonder what made them remake it then.
Fall Episode 1-3 are available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.
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