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CrowdStrike Falcon®

Modern log management with streaming observability and affordable unlimited plans
Powerful and intuitive
Streaming data is ingested and retained instantly, regardless of volume. Alerts, scripts, and dashboards update in real time, and live tail and retained data searches have virtually no latency.
Instant search
Index-free works with any structured or unstructured data format. No need to define fields upfront. Ask any question with live or archived data and experience a blazing-fast response.
Lowest TCO at any scale
Affordable licenses and industry-leading unlimited plans. Advanced compression technology and bucket storage saves customers up to 70% on compute and storage costs, compared to legacy platforms.

Falcon LogScale is purpose-built to help any organization achieve the benefits of large-scale logging and analysis. Falcon LogScale has virtually no latency, even at ingest volumes of 1PB per day. And by using cloud-based bucket storage for all persistent data, retention is virtually infinite.
Falcon LogScale aggregates, alerts, and visualizes streaming data in real time, so no matter what volume of data you send to Falcon LogScale, data is processed instantly. This gives organizations live observability into the operations and health of their systems.
Indexing can be a very computationally-expensive activity, causing latency between data entering a system and appearing in search results and visualizations. Falcon LogScale uses an index-free architecture, so it remains lightning fast with no compromise on performance.
Stop worrying about storage, retention limitations, and deciding what data is important. Just log everything and gain access to the whole story. Falcon LogScale uses advanced data compression technology so you can cut hardware costs and store more data.
With an intuitive interface and easy-to-use search language, users quickly create live streaming searches, dashboards, and alerts, and ask ad-hoc questions as issues arise. Falcon LogScale enables users to understand machine data and events, and quickly investigate them to gain insights that are critical in managing systems and preventing interruptions.
Falcon LogScale enables the option to use cloud-based bucket storage for persistent data, removing the boundaries between live data and archived data. Search retained data — even from years ago — and achieve results in seconds without re-ingesting. Cloud deployments of Falcon LogScale are less expensive and easier to run, and enable almost infinite retention.

Try a free version of Falcon LogScale to
experience the power of streaming log
management, and gain valuable insights
from all your logs in real time.

Falcon Complete LogScale is a fully managed service offering that combines the effectiveness of Falcon LogScale with CrowdStrike’s dedicated team of service professionals.

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