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Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives Season 2 is now out on Netflix. The series features Bhavana Pandey, Maheep Kapoor, Neelam Kothari and Seema Sajdeh. They are the wives and an ex-wife of Chunkey Pandey, Sanjay Kapoor, Sameer Soni and Sohail Khan, respectively. With Karan Johar being the usual visitor, the new season has 8 episodes and special appearances by several Bollywood celebrities.
The synopsis reads, “Did someone say DRAMA?! 💅🏻 We heard you! The fabulous four are back at it with twice the sass, and twice the glam!”
The Bollywood wives are back, and the makers have promised us lots of drama, style and wine through their trailer. In Season 1, we saw lots of fights, the overhyped Le Bal, an exquisite vacation, a stalker and lots of bizarre and silly things. The first-world problems and “struggles” of these ladies are never-ending. Well, it’s now time for season 2.
Netflix’s Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives Season 2 has a lot of things going on. From menopause discussions to affairs to remarriage, we witness Maheep, Bhavna, Seema and Neelam dealing with various situations. But is it better than the first one or equally bad? Well, I would say the latter.
I will briefly recap some weird things that happened in season 2: Someone doesn’t like to say the word vagina, Seema is now single, and Karan Johar tries to set her up with Badshah. It is also one of the most awkward moments of the series. In season 1, Neelam Kothari kept talking about returning to work. Well, she has signed a good project which has a kissing scene. But she just CAN’T stop talking about it.
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The current season also has several arguments. But the major showdown happens between Bhavana Pandey and Maheep Kapoor. Maheep tells Bhavana that she has a grudge against her because of something that happened years ago. These ladies claim to be “friends” who wine, dine and whine together! Are they sure they’re friends? To be honest, the show has shown a very unhealthy side of friendships between these ladies.
These Bollywood wives dress up, travel in luxury cars, holiday together and have lots of wine, yet they can’t stop bitch*ng about each other. I mean, the cameras are literally capturing everything. Their patch-up after fights seems as fickle as their friendships.
Another element that disappointed me about the show is people’s reactions to Bhavana’s decision to remarry and take vows with her husband Chunky again. The ladies, especially Maheep and Seema, had such mean reactions. If someone wants to relive one of the best days of their life, be a good friend and support. Seeing how Maheep left no chance to make Bhavana feel bad about the decision was upsetting. Another person who was annoying in the series was Mozez Singh.
Maheep Kapoor again promotes her daughter Shanaya Kapoor through Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives Season 2. Her daughter is all set to make her Bollywood debut soon. In the show, Maheep addresses several topics – her husband’s affair, her new career plan, and her complaints about Bhavana. The only part when I really felt bad for her was when she shared heartbreaking news about her househelp.
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Seema Sajdeh is now divorced and single. She has changed her taste in style and plans to start a new brand, ‘Waysted’. The design of her clothing brand is quite violent. After Karan successfully failed to set her up with Badshah, Maheep calls in Sima Taparia to help Seema find “love” again. The entire segment between Sima and Seema is awkwardly hilarious.
The ladies take a vacation to Jawai in Rajasthan in season 2. I won’t share much about this part. But kudos to the jeep driver and the guide who showed the patience to tolerate and not lose his cool around the ladies.
The best part of the show is Gauri Khan. Gauri is such a delight to watch on screen. She has poise in how she talks, walks and does her job. Her screen time in season 2 is more than in season 1, and I can’t thank the makers enough for doing this.
Coming to the surprise ending, even though it will make fans happy, no one can bring the charm that Shah Rukh Khan brings to the screen.
Overall, as expected and teased by the makers, Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives Season 2 has lots of drama, cringe, and WTF moments. Even though it’s bad, you can’t stop shame-watching it because it’s so addictive.
The show is now streaming on Netflix.
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My wife turned this on and Jesus H Christ. This series is a living testament of money being able to buy everything but “class”. All of the women are obnoxious as f*#^!
They are everything one should strive to never be! A bunch of self centred middle aged women who are putting on fake accents on top of their already super fake personalities. Couldn’t go through 5 minutes of their dribble.
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