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We caught up with Falk again, to hear more about why he chose to pivot from actor to producer.
Arrowverse alum, Falk Hentschel recently opened up to TheThings about his latest work, Swap Me, Baby – but he wasn't just one of the film's leads.
On top of playing two characters in the movie, Falk was also the producer – and let's just say, that's a role he's planning on taking on more and more, going forward.
We caught up with Falk once again, to hear about what prompted his move into the production side of things.
Falk Hentschel has certainly had an impressive acting career over the years.
In addition to his tenure in the Arrowverse, Falk has featured in films like White House Down, Knight and Day, Welcome to Marwen, and TV shows including Revenge and NCIS: Los Angeles, among others.
It's no surprise, then, that he looks back on his past works with pride.
"I love what I do, and I've had the chance to work with incrediby talented people, crazy big budgets and gotten to fulfill some of my childhood dreams."
That said, it's not all moonlight and roses.
Far from it, Falk shares that he's also been exposed to some of the not-so-great aspects of the Hollywood machine.
In fact, he names that as the main reason he's chosen to pivot towards producing his own indie films.
"I feel like, the majority of the time, Hollywood stymies the flow of creativity – whether it's the unfair financial wealth distribution that often causes friction on set, power hierarchies that divide a cast and crew, or studio mandates that cater to financial aspirations and politics."
After bearing witness to the bureaucracy of it all for years, Falk realized there wasn't going to be a change – unless someone took it upon themselves to be that change.
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"I really wanted to see what it's like to make a movie where the producer's responsibility is creativity, and the financial and emotional wellbeing of the cast and crew. So, instead of searching for that producer, I just decided to do it myself."
Swap Me, Baby marked Falk's first step into feature-length producing – so, how did he rate the experience?
"Oh boy," he begins, with a laugh.
"First of all, I learned that producing a film is challenging as hell – especially since we shot during the first Covid summer, and had to deal with raging wildfires every day. I honestly had to stay super present, one day at a time, to get through the production."
Falk adds that there were many times, throughout the experience, that a production shutdown seemed imminent.
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However, he pushed through – and he couldn't be happier that he did.
"Despite the challenges, I loved being able to create a space for artists to show up and share their inspired creativity. To support and encourage everyone, and treat everyone fairly, financially, emotionally, and creatively."
"Basically," he smiles, "the things I have often found lacking in my experience on a film set, as an actor."
With so much more responsibility on his shoulders, we asked Falk what he hopes audiences take away from the projects he's produced.
"I want to create films that are inspired by something bigger than desire of success, and wealth, and fame. Films that connect to the human aspect of the audience."
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"Stories that offer a release of stored emotions," he continues, "That inspire a conversation between strangers – and, most of all, speak to the part in us that is one: the soul."
"Simply put, I want our audiences to feel inspired, relieved, hopeful and connected to something bigger than themselves."
With a number of shorts, and now a feature film, under his belt, Falk Hentschel is well on his way to becoming the next big indie director.
We're dying to know, though: what's next for him?
"Who knows, these days," he laughs.
"I've dedicated a big part of my life to trauma release work. It's really been calling to me, and people seem to need it."
Falk also reveals that he's been working with an organization called VibraVision – which he describes as, "The real world Charles Xavier school for the gifted."
"VibraVision help a lot of sight-impaired people to see again, through consciousness. I offered to partake in their training and film it, to help spread their message to the world. Basically, a TV superhero is going to try gain some real world superpowers. Wish me luck with that!"
Falk has already made the move from actor to producer, and Swap Me, Baby is receiving rave reviews – so if anyone can go from TV hero to IRL master of consciousness, we have no doubts that it'll be Mr Hentschel.
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