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Dwayne Johnson has made quite a few friends in Hollywood over the years. He has done movies with many top stars and befriended them as well. The Rock shares a close bond with the likes of Kevin Hart, Gal Gadot and others. DJ’s friendship with Kevin Hart is well known as the duo endlessly roast each other during interviews. However, when it comes to being the fun duo, his friendship with The Jungle Cruise co-star Emily Blunt isn’t far behind.
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British actress Emily Blunt shared the big screen with the former WWE Champion in Jungle Cruise in 2021. During the promotion of the movie, the actors did a bunch of interviews and fans got to see how close and hilarious they were with each other.
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In one such fun moment during an interview, The Rock recalled he referred to Blunt as ‘Mommy’ due to her actions on the set.
Dwayne Johnson always brings his A-Game wherever he goes. Whether that is a wrestling ring, a Hollywood movie, or an interview, The Rock comes up with his best.
DJ also tries to best his co-stars when they engage in ribbing each other during interviews. His back and forth with Kevin Hart is the stuff of pop culture legend, but his banter with Emily Blunt is at times even better. In 2021, during the promotion, their film Jungle Cruise, The Rock, and Emily Blunt did quite a few interviews together. During this time, they had fun at each other’s expense. In one such interview, Blunt talked about how she has taught Johnson some basic etiquette on the sets of the movie.
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Blunt said, “I am teaching you to say Thank You and please. May I have some? Stuff like that. It’s just basic manners.” The Rock hilariously replied, “I remember she sat me down on day one and said you’re smart, kind, you were important. I was like Mommy.” To this the Mary Poppins actor said, “No I don’t like that. Didn’t I make you feel good about yourself”. This resulted in an even more squeaky voiced ‘Mommy‘ by The Great One.
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Although the $80 million worth British star Blunt has only teamed up with The Rock once for a movie, fans would love to see the pair on the big screen together again. More than the film, their fans may look forward to seeing both of them in interviews ribbing each other and having a good time.
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