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Take in enough of Esther Povitsky’s content — from her roles on TV shows like “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and “Dollface,” to her podcasts (My Pleasure and Trash Tuesday) and her TikToks — and you’ll want to be her best friend.
The next best thing: You could take a peek at her holiday wish list, plus what she’s gifting to her friends and fam this year. Povitsky has her eyes on some of the hottest shoes, including the Ugg platform minis and those Miu Miu ballet flats that are all over TikTok. And she’s gifting from brands she very much believes in — Povitsky is an investor in Julie and Fishwife.
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Miu Miu Red Ballet Flats (size 4, if my fiancé is reading this — just kidding, he has no chance of finding them). I have been bit by the Miu Miu ballet flat bug, like everyone else. I feel like I’ve waited my whole life for these to exist, and now that they’re here, I’m ready to make a big lifelong investment in them.”
“The Are You Am I Prissi Dress in red is the only way to 100% guarantee you’ll be the hottest girl at any Christmas party.” 
Agent Nateur Eye Cream is pricey but just so ideal. It smells like cucumber, and that always makes me feel like I made the right choice.”
“I have the Ugg Classic Mini Platforms in green, and I love them so, so much that I know I need more.”
“I’ll always use Chipotle or Starbucks Gift Cards, they’re as good as cash, as far as I’m concerned.”
Visit the Pop Shop to browse all products featured in Glossy Pop.
Fishwife Tinned Seafood is for hot girls, we all agree. So this is the perfect fun, cute gift version of that.”
“I know I don’t want to get pregnant anytime soon, so I think all my friends should have Julie contraception on standby.”
“I know way too many people, so I always need stocking stuffer-sized gifts on hand. I love Starface, because everyone has acne and everyone wants to feel young and cool.”
“Every guy loves the Lna Men’s T-shirt. it’s the perfect nice tee shirt that they probably don’t know about yet.”
“I started buying Lululemon Travel Pouches this year for my stand-up tour because I finally realized I want to feel chic and not just use Ziploc bags and ugly stuff.”
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