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College acronyms for parentsStepping into a new role as a university student can be challenging, but as the support person for a new student, parents have a tough job too. There are countless new terms to learn, and many of them are also shortened to acronyms, which often give little to no hint on what or who they represent.
As you support your college student on their journey at Southern Utah University, here are the top acronyms you’ll want to know for their first semester in college.
Some of the first acronyms you’ll come across represent the teams and organizations that are here to help your student succeed during their first year and beyond. All housed under SUU’s Student Affairs team, these three organizations are here to help each student find their groove in college and reach their full potential.
The ACES, or Assistant Coaches for Excellence and Success, are peer-mentors that serve every first-year student at SUU. These mentors are upper-class students who have been through many of the exact same challenges your student will face. They are here to provide support, resources, connections, and tips on how to succeed as a student at SUU, both inside and outside the classroom.
You’ll find the ACES in The Nest, located in the Sharwan Smith Student Center (ST 178). The Nest is also open to students as a place to do homework and relax, and a one-stop-shop for all their needs.
You should also be aware of Leads, a group of students dedicated to career readiness and the success of sophomore and transfer students. The Leads are trained on resume review, job search, LinkedIn and Handshake profiles, major and career exploration, and one on one mentoring for students.
The Student Involvement and Leadership Office, or STIL, exists to help all students get involved, make connections, and develop the leadership skills necessary to succeed beyond the classroom and after college. STIL houses SUU’s student government, the Student Programming Board, Student Government Board, Student Athletic Board, Involvement Captains, and clubs and organizations,
The STIL Office is here to help your student get involved, learn about themselves and others, and make the connections they need to feel like they belong at SUU. Through student government, they also advocate for and provide a voice for students.
As your student becomes an upper-class student, this same office is a great place to begin volunteering and giving back to the student community.
Part of the STIL Office, SUUSA is the Southern Utah University Student Association. Representing the student voice at SUU, SUUSA includes the student body president, Executive Council, and Student Senate, as well as budget and financial and judicial branches. These groups advocate for students, make decisions on behalf of the student body, and work as a liaison between the students and the university administration.
CAPS, or Counseling and Psychological Services, offers individual and group counseling, biofeedback, and psychological assessments. CAPS is staffed with experienced licensed mental health professionals including psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors who work with students to reduce the interference of everyday stress and also treat more serious conditions.
All of the regular services offered by CAPS are free to SUU students. If your student could use professional support, encourage them to make an appointment with CAPS. If they aren’t ready to take that step, they may want to check other resources like the Let’s Talk drop-in consultationsMental Health Toolkit, and CAPS Youtube channel.
The SUU HOPE (Helping Our People Eat) Pantry provides essential food and toiletry items to both SUU and Southwest Technical College students. Whether they are waiting for their next paycheck, had a roommate eat all their food, or just didn’t budget enough, the HOPE Pantry is here to help.
The Pantry also works to raise awareness of food insecurity and food waste and encourages student engagement in learning and service opportunities to address these issues on SUU’s campus and in the community.
Universities are often divided into a number of colleges or schools. Within SUU, there are six different colleges and each house a variety of departments. Each college is managed by a dean and each department has its own department chair.
Here are the acronyms and abbreviations for the colleges and schools at SUU:
BUS indicates the Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business, which offers programs in accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, HRHM (hotel, resort, and hospitality management), management, and marketing, as well as several master’s degrees.
CECS indicates the College of Engineering and Computational Sciences. This college offers programs in aviation, computer science and information security, engineering and technology, and mathematics.
CHS is the abbreviation for the College of Health Sciences, which offers programs in nursing, agriculture, exercise science, nutrition, outdoor recreation, physical education, and master’s degrees in both sports conditioning and athletic training.
COS, or the Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Sciences, offers programs in biology, geosciences, and physical science.
CPVA is the College of Performing and Visual Arts. Within this college you will find programs in art and design, music, and theatre, dance, and arts administration.
ED, or sometimes Education, indicates the Beverly Taylor Sorenson College of Education and Human Development. Within this college, you’ll find programs in teacher education, family life and human development, and graduate degrees in education.
HSS indicates the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. This college offers programs in communication, English, history, philosophy, political sciences, psychology, and interdisciplinary studies.
One of the most intimidating parts of going to college is learning the terminology and language of your campus. Now that you know some of the top acronyms at SUU, you may also want to become familiar with these college terms and definitions.
As you support your student on their educational journey at SUU, remember that all of us are learning along the way, and learning the ins and outs of a university can be a challenge. You are sure to have many questions as your student prepares for school, and SUU’s Parent and Family Services is here to help welcome you to the T-Bird family. They know families can be the best advocates for their students, so they keep families informed and connected to campus throughout the school year.
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