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In recent months, many universities in North America have waived English proficiency tests for Nigerians, who recently campaigned to be exempted from the requirement. Photo Credit: Afro Tech.
f you apply to these schools, you won’t have to worry about writing the English proficiency exams. This list was compiled by Ugochukwu Madu, a Nigerian PhD candidate at the University of Iowa, United States:

1. Washington State University
2. Texas A&M University
3. The University of Texas at Austin
4. Stanford University
5. University of Iowa
6. University of Maryland
7. Dartmouth College (Ivy League) 
8. University of Pittsburgh
9. Texas Tech University
10. Georgetown University
11. University of Wisconsin – Madison
12. University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
13. Florida State University
14. Georgia Institute of Technology
15. University of Florida
16. University of South Florida
17. University of West Florida
18. University of San Francisco
19. Northwestern University
20. American University
21. University of Connecticut
22. Illinois Wesleyan University
23. Central Connecticut State University
24. University of Central Florida
25. University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
26. University of Arizona
27. Arizona State University
28. Northern Arizona University
29. Kent State University
30. Ball State University
31. University of Cincinnati
32. University of Alabama
33. The University of Alabama at Birmingham
34. The University of Alabama at Huntsville
35. Miami University
36. Jacksonville State University
37. University of California Los Angeles
38. University of California San Diego
39. University of California Davis
40. University of California Irvine
41. California Institute of Technology
42. University of California Riverside
43 San José State University
44 California State University, Fullerton
45 University of San Diego
46 Humboldt State University -request for it
47 Florida International University
48 Sonoma State University
49. California Baptist University
50. Sacred Heart University
51. University of Bridgeport (C4-C6 in WAEC)
52. Alaska Pacific University
53. University of Central Arkansas
54. University of Colorado Boulder
55. University of Denver
56. University of Northern Colorado
57. University of the District of Columbia
58. Florida Atlantic University
59. Nova Southeastern University
60. Florida Institute of Technology
61. Hawaii Pacific University
62. University of Georgia
63. Georgia State University
64. Clayton State University
65. Boise State University
66. University of Idaho
67. Idaho State University
68. University of Chicago 
69. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
70. The University of Illinois at Chicago
71. Northern Illinois University
72. Loyola University Chicago
73. Illinois Institute of Technology
74. Illinois State University
75. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
76. Eastern Illinois University
77. Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
78. Western Illinois University
79. University of Illinois, Springfield
80. Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
81. Northern Illinois University
82. Iowa State University
83. University of Northern Iowa
84. Northern Iowa (automatically waived)
85. Kansas University
86. Louisiana State University
87. Louisiana Tech University
88. University of New Orleans
89. Loyola University, Maryland
90. Suffolk University
91. University of Massachusetts Lowell
92. Clark University
93. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
94. Boston College
95. Boston University
96. Wayne State University
97. Michigan Tech University
98. Western Michigan University
99. University of Mississippi
100. University of New Mexico
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