Was it just you or did the ground truly shake? Your iPhone, iPad and more current telephones can act as fundamental seismometers, the same instrument that is utilized to gauge the size of quakes and volcanoes. You don’t have to introduce any applications, simply the inherent web program would suffice. 
Alright, attempt this. Google Chrome or the Safari program on your cellular telephone (or tablet) and after that open this page. You ought to see a ceaselessly moving waveform yet in the event that you somewhat shake or tilt your cell phone, reenacting seismic action, the chart will catch these developments continuously much like a seismograph. 
The seismic power will change relying upon how vibrantly (or gradually) you are shaking the telephone (see the accompanying screenshot) and will likewise change in light of the introduction of the gadget. Also, you’ll be amazed to discover that this fundamental seismograph is composed utilizing straightforward JavaScript.
seismic tremor seismograph
More current phones have assembled in accelerometers and spinners and as you move the physical equipment, the progressions in the introduction of the gadget and increasing speed are distinguished by the program which are then mapped into the seismograph. 
The introduction and movement information are thus caught by the HTML5 Device Orientation and Device Motion occasions of the program. This works generally on cell phones yet in the event that you are utilizing Google Chrome on the desktop, you can turn on the Accelerator alternative under Sensors inside Chrome Dev Tools to recreate movement.


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