Well the sad part is Gmail has it’s limit’s too. For example, the most extreme size of document/file that you can include in an email message is 25 MB while the combined gmail limits for a free Gmail account is 15 GB.

Gmail lockdown & gmail limits
Likewise, Google additionally restricts the quantity of email messages that you can send through your Gmail account in a day. If you cross your daily gmail limits, Google might temporarily disable your account with no notices and you may need to sit tight for up to 24 hours prior to you can again access to your mail.

Gmail Limits for Sending Email 

Gmail isn’t projected for sending mass email. If you are thinking to send an email to a larger audience please do read the associated rules to stay away from temporary lock-down of your Gmail:
Rule 1:  You can send messages to a mostly 500 receivers every day through the Gmail site. Try to go beyond the gmail limits and your Google mail account may get temporarily disabled with the error – “Gmail Lockdown in Section 4.”
It is important to note that this cutoff is around recipients and not messages. In this way you can send 10 messages to 50 individuals each or 1 email to at most extreme of 500 individuals.
Rules 2: If you get to Gmail through POP or IMAP customers, as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, you can send an email message to a greatest of 100 individuals at once. In the event that you exceed the gmail limits, your record may be disabled for a day with the error – “550 5.4.5 Daily sending amount exceeded.
Rule 3:  Always double check email locations of recipients before hitting the Send in mail. That is on account of your record may get disabled if the email message contains an extensive number of non-existent or broken locations (<25 ?) that bounce back on failed delivery.
Rule 4: You can relate various email addresses with your Gmail record and send messages for whatever other address. However, when sending mail from a different address, the original account’s message gmail limitss are applied.
This is somewhat unrelated but still important. Google, as per their policies, may deactivate your Gmail account permanently if you don’t check your Gmail email for a period of 9 months.


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