When you open any page within Google Chrome, it connects to the net, fetches the most recent version of the page from the server and displays it on your screen. If your laptop is offline, Chrome can show a slip message with a dinosaur* image expression it’s unable to attach to the net.
Internet adventurer associated Firefox supply an offline mode that auto-saves a replica of websites as you browse the net and displays this native copy once you don’t seem to be connected to the net. Thus, if you’re offline during a flight, you’ll still open and skim websites that you simply accessed whereas your laptop was on-line

Offline Browsing within Google Chrome!
The recent versions of Google Chrome conjointly support offline browsing though the choice to simply access the cached version of any website is hidden deep within the settings.
While within Chrome, sort chrome://flags/ to access the experimental options page and seek for the “Enable Offline Load Stale Button” choice. Click “Enable” against the choice and restart your browser.
Now if you’re offline, your Chrome browser can provide you with associate choice to load the “stale copy” if the page you’re attempting to access is offered within the native cache (see screenshot).

work offline in google chrome
Google Chrome caches the hypertext markup language content, images, JavaScript and therefore the CSS stylesheets related to a page thus your offline copy mustn’t look terribly completely different from the first. However, if there square measure resources that need a full of life web association, like JavaScript widgets or videos, they’ll get replaced with placeholder pictures.
To test the feature, open any page within Chrome, close up your Wi-Fi or disconnect the coaxial cable, and restart the browser. If the offline mode** is enabled, the cached version would show up on your screen.


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