Hello, everyone today i am sharing the FIX for Windows 10 Shutdown/sleep mode problem which most of us are facing on Latest update of WINDOWS 10 on our laptops or PC. 
As, this is creating is a huge problem for many users who are not able shutdown their laptop or PC properly because of the bug in latest update that tell the windows to shut down but still run some background process because of which the Laptop/pc power light and battery indicators still keeps on running’s which is really bad in the long run.

This FIX is really simple all you need is:

  • Follow the instructions below
  • Genuine windows 10
  • Presence of mind
  • And an Internet Connection
Step 1: Open Control Panel from “Search Windows” option and then Go, Into Hardware and Sounds Tab

Step 2: Go into “Device Manger” , if ask for administration rights say Yes/Insert password and then Device Mangers window will Pop-Up

Step 3: Under Device Manager Tab Go into the Audio Section and “Right Click” on the Speakers and then press Update Software. and let the windows run the update software if it’s fully updated then leave it and update the microphone drivers software.


Step 4: Now Go under the Display/Drivers Section and do the Step 3 again and update both the Drivers of Graphic Card and let it install and then “Restart”.


Step 5: After Restarting the PC/Laptop lets test if that FIX worked or not,

If, Yes then its GREAT, If not then Follow STEP 6.
Step 6: Go under the System Devices Section in Device Managers Only and then select Intel(R) Management Engine Interface Properties tab and Double Click it.

Now, Carefully See the Driver Version if its Higher than “9.5.X.X” then that’s Your Problem,,,Click on the option of “Roll Back Drivers” and it will Bring you back to ““‘ and then Press OK.

Step 7: Then, Restart and then Test again and this time it will shutdown properly!


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