WhatsApp as a Private Storage

WhatsApp is an awesome application for keeping in contact with loved ones. It is super-quick, takes a shot at almost all smartphones (counting desktop PCs) and Facebook has no plans to charge WhatsApp clients.

You have been using WhatsApp primarily for chatting and voice/video calling, however, there are several other interesting uses for WhatsApp that will help support the worth of this application considerably further. Other than speaking with the whole world, you can likewise utilize WhatsApp to:

  1. Capture and save thoughts, notes, voice reminders, checked records and everything else in you own private storage room that is handy from everywhere.
  2. Quickly transfer web links, documents, screenshots, and other files among your computer and phone without having to sign-up for extra service.

The idea is very simple. You make another virtual contact inside WhatsApp and, everything that you wish to write secretly, you can just share it with this virtual contact.

It is not possible to send WhatsApp messages to your own number but there’s a simple hack to get around this problem. Create a new WhatsApp group with just a single member – you. Here’s how:

Whatsapp Private Storage

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone and make another group.
  2. Include any contact from your delivery book to this group. Give your group a name and save it.
  3. Now go to the group in WhatsApp, tap the subject to see the rundown of members.
  4. Tap and hold the other member in the list and remove them from the group.

That is it. What you now have a private store in WhatsApp that is unmistakable just to you and available from the web (desktop) and your cell phone.


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