Have You Ever Got Bored of Your Old Whatsapp interface And Even After Updating It Still Feels the Same and incomplete.
Well, If You Were an IOS User I Would Feel the Same for You But, being an Android User You Don’t Need to Worry About That Because I’ll Be Giving You a Tutorials On How to Install all new “gbwhatsapp” an Whatsapp+ Alternative with all the similar features like Whatsapp+ but now with added extra features of hiding blue ticks and second ticks too.
What Is GBWhatsapp?
It’s Is an Easy App That Lets Users Modify Even More Features of What’s App, One of The Utmost Widespread Instant Messaging Apps in The Universe. User can choose from privacy settings to customization and hide blue ticks and second ticks and take backup of data from original wahtsapp and restore it.
What Happened to Whatsapp+ ?
It gained to much attention and the whatsapp+ user were getting blocked by whatsapp for app violation. so, another good alternative is GBWhatsapp.
Step 1: Download GBWhatsapp from Here Download
Step 2: Now First Take Backup of Chats of Your Old GBWhatsapp Conversations or whatsapp conversations (You have move the whatsapp folder>backups>database to new GBWhatsapp folder via file manager to “RESTORE” it completely) Now When You Do That! Then Uninstall the Old What’s-App and Install the New What’s App Plus from The Downloaded Location of Your Phone or Desktop Which Is In. Apk Format!
Step 3: When The Install Is Complete It. Open Up the New GBWhatsapp Plus and Then Do the Sims Verification and That’s It You Are Done with The Difficult Part. In the latest version it will ask you to even restor it from your “Google account backup”
Now When You See It You Will Be Thinking How to Mod It? Well It’s Quiet Easy. Just Go to GBsettings or privacy options and Then If You Want Then Customize the Appearance According to Your needs just like in whatsapp+ and That’s all now you can have all the privacy you want.


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