You may have seen web pages with video credentials but did you know that it is also likely to use videos and animated gif pictures as backgrounds for your Mac desktop. OS X supports only static wallpaper images but there’s a little Mac utility called GIFPaper that adds support for animated animate backgrounds to your desktop.
Animated GIF as Mac Desktop Background
Animated GIFs as Mac Background
It takes a few easy steps to insert some life in your Mac background.
Step 1. Download a GIF image. You can use Giphy for readymade GIFs or, if you are trying to use a video, convert to GIF using FFMpeg.
Step 2. Download the GIFPaper app from Dropbox and extract the content to a local folder.
Step 3. Double-click the GIFPaperPrefs.prefPane file inside the extracted folder to install the preferences pane. Go to your Mac’s System Preferences and double-click GIFPaperPref to launch the actual app.
GIF Desktop for Mac
Step 4. Browse the computer, locate the GIF, set the Scaling to “Axes Independently” and the GIF will be set as the background of your Mac desktop. If you have a multiple virtual desktops, only the current screen will be changed.


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