Hello, everyone in today’s tutorial I’m going to dive straight into it. I mean how many of us just can’t live without technology!?. 
I would say none and technology and storing your data day-by-day has become hectic and demanding of more storage space everytime…as the better the photograph is the bigger its size is same goes for all the other scenarios and frankly just a normal 16 or 32 gb phone doesn’t cut it! I know an alternative of storing it to our computer, Laptops hard-drive but what about DATA LOSS? Or Disk Crash?
A simple Solution “CLOUD Storage” Yes but not like any cloud like google Drive, Dropbox, Etc. Nope 15 or 20gb is never enough for anyone to make him happy…what if I say 1TB? Of cloud storage and trust me I’m not even kidding.
China Cloud Storage as some serious completion among themselves and that’s why they have revved up their game! Not 100gb! Not 500gb but “1-TB people”! That’s amazing…and they can consider upgrading you for FREE if you are full on that too! It’s that amazing! Now let’s gets some fact clear:

  • It’s Chinese cloud Storage will my data be Safe?

-Well, Frankly the company Weiyun providing you this service is a MNC and it won’t mess over its reputation over your data no matter how precious it is! But still in doubt so .RAR zip lock it just in case!
  • Is it FREE Initially? Will they Charge me in future?
-Well, its FREE Lifetime 1TB Period!
  • But Its Written in Chinese!?

You, Can always Use Google Translator on the every page and for Windows Desktop Client click on it and for Android .APK click here! they are all in ENGLISH Version of Weiyun cloud Storage!

  • How-to Install Windows Client and Android App?:
For Android simply install it as a normal application.
For windows See the Instructions Here!


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