You can post messages of virtually any length to Twitter using [buttontype=”round” link=””]TallTweets[/button]. The web app bypasses the 140-character limit of Twitter by either converting your tweet into an image or by breaking the long snippets of text into multiple tweets and sending them all in quick succession.
Rich Text Formatting using talltweets

Compose Tweetstorms & Tweetshots

A new release of TallTweets has just been rolled out and it includes several new features and enhancements. The interesting additions are:
  1. TallTweets now supports rich-text formatting so you can use bold text, write in italics or even use Yellow highlighter. See image tweet.
  2. You can compose Tweetstorms (numbered tweets, sent sequentially) and it will offer a live preview as you type so you know exactly how the tweets will look like in your timeline. See Tweetstorm
  3. It has gone international and now supports all languages including Hindi, Arabic, Malay, Chinese and more. In fact, if you use the “tweet as image” option, you can even send tweets in languages that are not officially supported by Twitter yet.
To get started, go the Tall Tweets website and sign-in with your Twitter account. Next choose the tweet style (tweetstorm for text tweets, tweetshot for image tweets), compose the tweet and then hit the Send button.


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