Have ever worked with DOS or Linux before, you’ll be familiar with the “tree” command that recursively lists all the files  in the current directory in a tree format. Most of us choose graphical navigation through Windows or Mac Finder but a distinctive advantage with the tree command is that you can save and print the directory arrangement.

Tree View of your Google Drive

Tree Command for your Google Drive

A little Google Script that is much like running “tree” but against your Google Drive. It makes a hierarchical tree diagram of all the archives and folders in your Google Drive that you can save for offline situation or even print.
start by, Clicking Here and allow the script to access the files in your Google Drive. Once the authorization is done, it might take a minute to produce the entire Drive tree. You’ll then get a link to copy an HTML file that copies your Drive structure. You can directly lead the file to the printer as well.
All the script does is recursive traversal and the tree itself is stylized through CSS. In the up-to-date version, only the folder names in the tree are linked to their matching location in your Google Drive though the script can be effortlessly extended to create a more data-rich tree that includes details like file URLs, sharing permissions, file sizes, file types and so on.
The method may take somewhat longer if you have a large drive with loads of file and folders. Also, as soon as you authorize the Google Drive Tree script, you’ll get an email from Google with directions on how to revoke access. You can do so as soon as the tree has been generated.


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