Do you know that you can restart your Android phone in SAFE mode much like your Windows or Mac PCs? Press and hold the Power Button on your phone and you’ll be given a choice to Power Off the smartphone. Tap and hold that selection and you will now have the access to reboot your phone in “safe” mode.


At the point when the phone is in SAFE mode, you’ll see the words Safe Mode in the lower left corner of the screen. Clearly I am not the first person to tell you this – SAFE mode in android has been avalaile in Android for years – yet it does appear to have two issues:

If your phone hangs or crashes on start, or randomly restarts, you can force restart your phone in Safe mode and uninstall any of the recent apps that may be stopping your phone from working properly. Now when your phone is in safe mode, you would only see the stock-installed apps on the phone but you can still go to Settings ->to uninstall any apps that you have newly downloaded.
If your Android has become slow over time – because of all the installed apps – you can use the safe mode to temporarily make it fast without having to do a factory reset. The phone becomes really fast in safe mode and you can still use all the Google apps including Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Calendar and so on. The device feels more quick to respond too.

To leave the SAFE mode, restart your phone by holding the power button, then power off and restart. The device will boot in the normal mode automatically. All your apps and screens are conserved but the one big downside with Safe mode is that will log you out of all the non-Google apps. So if you have Android apps like , Twitter or Facebook on your phone, you’ll have to login again in all these apps.


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