Your smartphone is maybe your most vital digital thing that holds your contacts, emails, text messages, personal photos and alternative confidential stuff that you simply wouldn’t like anyone else to see. Yet, it’s really easy to lose one as you’re carrying it everyplace you go.
There are a unit of security apps within the Google Play store that assist protection to your phone and provide choices that increase your possibilities of locating your lost (or stolen) device. The Lookout app was the primary common selection for deciding the placement of a lost phone however with Google’s own Device Manager offered, Lookout is skipped (unless your phone is running AN older version of Android).
The Android Device Manager shows a listing of all android phones and tablets that area unit connected to your Google Account and helps you find them on a Google Map. you’ll be able to ring your phone from the browser, lock the device with a custom PIN or perform a plant reset that for good deletes all the info on your phone.
Android Device Manager needs that the device is on-line – connected to mobile information or Wi-Fi – for you to remotely ring, lock or erase the phone. There’re but apps like Prey and where’s my Droid app that allow you remotely send commands to your phone via text messages.
For instance, AN SMS command like “GO PREY” to your lost phone from the other movable can ring the phone, record its geo-location and additionally captures an image with the front camera. You’ll be able to additionally lock your phone, erase the info, show a system notification or take an image on-demand through commands sent via text messages.
Both Prey and where My Droid is organized to send SMS alerts to a different variety ought to somebody try and modification the present SIM card of your phone. That said, you ought to additionally activate the SIM lock on your android phone and also the device would require a Pass** whenever it’s power-driven on.
When you are charging your Smartphone at a public station, you either have to be compelled to watch the device all the time otherwise you will activate the Anti-Theft Alarm app and relax a trifle. The app can trigger a siren sound once somebody disconnects the charger and your phone screen can flash endlessly till the proper pin is entered. You’ll be able to go a step more and set up the app to trigger an alert once somebody moves the phone even a couple of inches from the first position.
Another android App LockWatch records the phone’s location and captures an image with a front camera once somebody tries to unlock the phone however enters a wrong PIN or Pass**. This info is send to your email address and it happen mutely therefore the trespasser would ne’er grasp that their activity has been recorded.
If the device gets lost or taken, it’s vital that you simply report this to your carrier and also the police and that they area unit probably to ask you the details just like the device’s IMEI variety, IMSI, SIM number, etc. It helps if you’ll be able to keep a record of this info somewhere outside your phone.

Notice the IMEI variety by dialing *#06# or get the SIM reader app and it’ll instantly extract the SIM and Device information that you simply can save to your email account.

One more issue. You have got protection for your android phone with a numeric PIN or an additional complicated character set Pass** however these area unit clearly inconvenient as you have got sort the string each time you switch on the screen. A free app known as Skip Lock causes you to life a trifle easier.

The app can primarily take away the lock after you area unit connected to 1 of the recognized Wi-Fi networks and restores the lock as shortly as you are on 3G or a non-recognized Wi-Fi network. Thus, the phone stays unbarred after you area unit home however as shortly as you leave, the lock becomes active. Since the SkipLock app isn’t within the Google Play Store, you’ll have to be compelled to modify Unknown Sources to put in the APK file on your phone.


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