Hello, In this tutorials ill be showing you how use any app and convert to system app in few simple steps.
Convert to system app
Here are basically two types of apps in Android devices

1. Pre-Installed apps or systems apps.

2. User apps (apps installed by you).

Generally when you install apps from Play Store, the apps will be installed in a different partition from the system apps.  System apps are in the system partition of your device, while user apps are in data partition of your device. There are several different ways of changing user apps to system apps and vice versa.

This guide shows you how to automatically do it with help of a simple app.


  1. You Should be Rooted.
  2. Backup of your that specific app.
Follow the Steps Below:
Step 1: Install Titanium Backup from PlayStore.
Step 2: Open Titanium Backup and Allow the necessary Root access.
Step 3: Open Backup and Restore Tab, and Search the application you want to “convert to system app”
titanium backup system apps
Step 4: Hold and press that App icon and a Menu will Pop-up and then in that menu choose the last option of convert to system app. and that’s it wait for TB to complete the process and then restart.
convert to system app


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