How to take complete Android Backup

Ever Wondered If You Won’t Take the Backup of Android Device Then What Are the Consequences of It? Well, If You Were an IOS User Then You Didn’t Have to Worry About Android Getting Bricked and All Your Data Being Lost! But Don’t Worry Android Is Nothing Like That Ridiculous.
Taking a complete android backup Is Possibly the Most Vital Part. And Performing That Is Not a Difficult Task at all.
Today in This Tutorial I’ll Be Showing the Easiest Way to take complete android Backup. Then Being Stress-Free from Danger of Data Being Lost.

So, What Actually Is a Complete Android Backup?

Taking a complete and complete android is something like cooking a full 7-course meal from start to the end backup of apps,contacts,logs,messages,photos,videos…Etc.
No *Root* Needed
Back Up of Following:
  1. Contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks!
  2. Call Logs and Sims (Text and Mms)
  3. User Apps
  4. User-Defined Dictionary, User Playlists and System Settings
  5. Photos, Videos and Music (Simply Copy all Folder From android to PC through USB cable)
But How to Take All of That Backup in A Simple Way?
Seems Difficult Right? But No More As I Have Discovered an Amazing App That Does It Well.
Super Backup : SMS & Contacts- screenshot
Step 1: Install Super Backup from Google Play Store for free complete android backup.
Step 2: Let Is Install and Then When You Open It Up You Will See Option of Everything Like Backup of:
  1. Sim Contact Backup
  2. Apps Backup
  3. Calendar Backup
  4. Call Logs Backup
  5. Calendar Backup
  6. Bookmarks Backup Etc.
 Super Backup : SMS & Contacts- screenshot  Super Backup : SMS & Contacts- screenshot
 Super Backup : SMS & Contacts- screenshot
Now, turn by Turn Take the complete android Backup of Everything. It Will Take Time According to The Work Load And Your Smartphone Configuration.
Important Notice
If Phone Has Internal Storage, The Default Back-Up Will Probably Be the Internal Storage Card and Not the External SD Card. This Is Because the Phone Reports the Storage That Manner. 
Step 3: If You Wish to Do a Factory Reset On the Mobile, Please Make Sure Default storage is in Your External SD Card Before Doing It. If Not, Please Copy the Complete File (“Smscontactsbackup” By Default) To External SD Card.


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