Screen casting is easy. You download a software program, hit the record button and a video of your PC/MAC is made, prepared for uploading to YouTube. There are excess of screen casting tools to choose from but did you know that you can also create screencast videos inside YouTube without requiring any desktop software? All you would like may be a YouTube account and an online browser.

Here’s a step by step guide however you’ll be able to create screencasts of your desktop windows with YouTube.


How to produce a Screencast with YouTube?

Step 1: Sign-in to YouTube along with your Google Account, click the transfer button within the higher left corner and select Events Underneath Live Streaming. If you ne’er done this before,YouTube create need you to verify your telephone number to change streaming.

Step 2: you’re on the produce Event page. provide your screencast video a title, set the privacy of the video to either Unlisted or personal and click on the “Go Live Now” button.

Step 3: this can open the Hangouts on Air page. you’ll be able to click the camera icon to show off digital camera recording. Similarly, you’ll be able to toggle the electro-acoustic transducer icon if you are doing not would like to record audio.

Step 4: currently click the Screen share button within the left tool case and choose a desktop window that you simply would like to record for your screencast. keep in mind that if your victimization multiple virtual desktops, it’ll solely show program windows that area unit active on this desktop.

Step 5: Click the beginning Screen share button to share your screen so click begin Broadcast to begin recording the screen. will be} a personal session thus no one can watch your broadcast whereas it’s being recorded. after your area unit finished the recording, click the Stop Broadcast button and switch to the YouTube web site.


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