Hello, Everyone today in this tutorial i’ll be showing you how to get an temporary email for all those junk and stupid signups you have to do to get to file/information you want to access.

It’s fairly very simple process and doesn’t take technical knowledge all you to do is follow the steps below and create one or as many as you want for free from this service.

AIR MAIL a website free of cost giving its users random email for them to use it temporary and then it disappears as soon as you are done with your work and close the browser window here’s how it is shown below:

STEP 1: Open up your browser and head over to Air Mail website

temporary email

Step 2: Now like the screenshot above you have got yourself the free temporary mail use it as many time you want it will remain in the window as long as you keep it open then after 24 hours it will disappear forever. it also has the “automatically display incoming mail feature” so no more refresh too!

Here, Again just go to Temporary Email and go get your temporary mail serivce for free!


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