Google Chrome clients are most likely acquainted with the T-Rex dinosaur that shows up when your PC is not connected with the Internet. The T-rex had short arms and hence part of things were out of its scope. Google Chrome, in the same way as that dinosaur, excessively is experiencing difficulty when you want to connect with Internet.

Hidden game inside google chrome

What’s significantly all the more fascinating is that the disconnected from the net dinosaur in Chrome is additionally a time-pass to play. Press the space bar to initiate and your Chrome tab will rapidly transform into a small game tab. The T-Rex will run and your central goal is to keep it away from objects coming your way.
Also its not pretty much Chrome for desktop, the dinosaur amusement is accessible in chrome for Android too. Switch to airplane mode and provide for it a shot. The main distinction is that rather than the space bar, you have to tap on the screen to hop/ fly the dinosaur.


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