Gmail filters help you to sort email messages built on its own rules. So if your supervisor has sent an email message, the channel can stamp it as urgent. On the off chance that the email has “Unsubscribe” some place in the message body, it can be stamped as a restricted message etc.
Advance Gmail Filters
We frequently get spammessages that have two or three dozen locations in the TO and CC fields however there’s no channel to naturally divert such messages to the SPAM of Gmail. That is the place Google Scripts can offer assistance. You can setup advance filters that aren’t accessible in the local library of Gmail.
What you see above is in screenshot below is  10 Gmail filters that were made with Apps Script. You can have a filter to process messages that contain huge amounts of connections. On the other hand messages that have an excess of connections. Alternately messages that have only a word or two in the message body.
advance gmail filters
The best part is that you don’t need to know scripting to utilize both of these filters. Simply take after these 3 simple steps:
  • Google Drive to duplicate the Gmail Filters sheet into your Google Drive. You can discount to deactivate any of the accessible principles.
  • Go to the Gmail Filters menu in the sheet, pick Initialize and gift the fundamental consents to the script.
  • Now choose Turn-on Gmail Filter to activate your filters. You may close the Google sheet now.
This is what happens in the background. The script will keep running out of sight at regular intervals and screen any new messages in your Gmail inbox.
It will then run the different rules alongside these messages. The local filters in Gmail outweigh everything else and after that your custom values determined in the sheet are applied.


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